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Beretta Model ARX100 Rifle, JXR11B00, 223 Remington, 16 in, Tele Stk, Pic Rail, Black Finish, 30 Rd

Hinterland Item Number: 46171

Manufacturer Number: JXR11B00

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Our Price: $1,748.00
Condition: New In Box

Availability: Out of Stock

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Product Description

The ARX100 is the ultimate evolution of the modern sporting rifle. Designed for ease of use and ultimate reliability, the ARX100's feature set is unparalleled. The cold hammer forged barrel can be removed and replaced with various lengths and calibers in a matter of seconds. Case ejection can be switched from right to left with the simple push of a button.

All of the critical controls on the ARX100 are completely ambidextrous. With a constant contact piston system, the ARX100 can easily feed and fire under the most unforgiving conditions. The lightweight, techno polymer receiver allows for reliable operation with virtually no lubricant. To make maintenance easy, the ARX100 has no pins and can be completely disassembled with no tools at all. Simplicity, flexibility, reliability. The ARX100 is the next step in modern sporting rifle evolution.

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Product Specifications

Mfg Item Num: JXR11B00
Action :Semi-Automatic
Caliber :223 Remington/5.56 NATO
Barrel Length :16"
Capacity :30+1
Trigger :Standard
Safety :Ambidextrous
Stock Description :4-Position Collapsible Black
Metal Finish :Black
Receiver Material :Polymer
Sights :Iron
Barrel Description :Hammer-Forged
Twist :1:7"
Barrel Length Range :16.00" to 17.99"
Stock Finish Group :Synthetic
Metal Finish Group :Blued/Black

Restricted Product Information

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Product Reviews

Average Rating: (3 Reviews)

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Submitted By: WILLIAM B. On 08/17/2014

Hinderland Outfitters.Com took my order and sent the confirming e-mail right away. The order process went smooth and fast. I ordered in the evening and my gun was shipped the next day. Shipping went fast (Brown is good) and the gun was in my hands as quickly as if I had worked with a local gun shop. The ARX 100 became a story, a story of grief and redemption. Everything was STIFF and finicky. I was used to smooth clicks and snicks from my Beretta 92A1. This was all struggle and woe. The gun felt like a cheap post WWII plastic toy that would sometimes work just before it broke. The bolt was hard to pull back and the bolt latch didn’t want to catch and a couple of times didn’t want to hold. If you didn’t get the bolt all the way back and let the charging handle go the bolt often did not go fully into battery. Tapping the charging handle did no good, it just stopped and you had to pull the bolt ALL THE WAY back to get the spring to drive the bolt into battery. The AK style mag release required a conversation with it to get it to release the mag. I don’t speak Russian. The AR style mag release was the only function on the gun that was smooth and sure. The quick detach barrel was anything but quick. The charging handle did not and I mean did not want, to pull out to start the sequence to switch sides or field strip. Repeatedly the charging handle would jam so that it would not move from one side to the other and would not go back into position to allow the bolt to release. I had to field strip the gun to get the charging handle free again. Removing the trigger and grip assembly was just like the effort and pounding you see on the YouTube videos. The collapsible stock button would not release and I was thinking I would have to make a trip to the garage for my toolbox to find something to get this to release when it finally worked. I read in another review about the charging handle making your hand sore because of its shape not being designed for repeated dry firing and it was right. I went into the kitchen and returned with my OveGlove with Teflon on both sides and can be used on either hand. It helped a lot with drawing the bolt, did I mention it was STIFF. (You might want a to drop the OveGlove on SHTF day. OveGloves just make the wrong fashion statement for house-to-house urban warfare.) I had ½ hour to ¾ hour sessions dry firing and working the action and the mag release and the barrel buttons and everything. I even fought hand to hand with the button to release the cap on the base of pistol grip. After the second session of dry firing and not yet able to get to an outdoor range, I was asking myself how do I get myself into these situations. And how do I ship a gun back to the factory. Who do you call? Not one bullet spent, but I was. I got the gun out on Friday night to exercise the features on the gun one more time before Saturday’s trip to the range, field striping it as well. Wait a minute. Everything was still tight, but was that a snick I just heard? Field striping went quickly and fairly easy. Mag exercising that AK style release was smooth, no click yet but I felt the positive release. Plastic toy was slowly disappearing. Range Day. Lock and load. Aim. Nothing. What now. Oh, safety was on. Aim. Squeeze. Bang. After I mastered the arcane science of the safety switch I went 270 rounds and not one hiccup. People were walking by the firing booth to see what I had. After a hundred rounds I turned the black soft case Beretta provides with the gun around so everyone could see the name and trademark on the case. I used a range that allowed rapid (but it better be controlled, buddy, or else) fire and got the barrel smoking. The gun forend didn’t get quite too hot to handle, but close. If you are going to be in an extended firefight with white tail deer or something like that you might consider gloves. I used relatively inexpensive ammunition; PMC 55 grain FMJ-BT, Remington 55 grain MC, American Eagle 55 grain FMJ (Black Box). American Eagle 62 grain FMJ-BT (green box). Later while I was cleaning the gun I realized that I had no reason to use or even think about the gas switch that Beretta designed in for bad/weak ammo. I used Gen2 PMAG by Magpul magazines and the metal one Beretta supplies. Yes, Dorothy, they dropped free when released. This gun will hit what you aim at every time. No runs, no hits, no errors, a perfect game. Sweet, sweet gun… Cleaning this gun is quick and simple. I like that I can remove the barrel and get a straight shot with the cleaning rod and patch and push and shove the patch back and forth without fear of dumping gunk into a receiver. 90% of the carbon outside of the bore is around the piston and cylinder. Everything else wipes down. You lube the bottom of the bolt and its carrier and that’s it. The gun is still tight, but smooth. Pulling bolt all the way back is against the spring only. There are no hitches or glitches or binds. The action feels and sounds like machinery. Even if you don’t pull the bolt all the back and let the charging handle go, it will go into battery every time. It is still work to pull back on charging handle and also pull out at the same time and at the right place to get it start the reversing procedure, but it now works every time and clicks and snicks and is smooth. Even disassembling the trigger/pistol grip assembly is a lot easier. (I ought to make a video.) I got a man’s gun dressed in an Italian-cut suit. Man, oh man, I know how to spot a good deal. I just have a knack for getting into a good situation. MADE IN AMERICA. We’re Baaack!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

Submitted By: William D. On 07/09/2014

Watch the youtube video's for their reviews. Fore-note. I bought this expecting to be rid of the 5.56 barrel as soon as 7.62x39 barrel change is available. The weapon is much lighter than most stock M4 platforms, therefore simple mass tells you recoil will be worse. I must say the recoil movements of this gun are straight back, the ambi-everything controls are fantastic. It requires very little adjustment to the manual-of-arms that one would normally have for an AR platform rifle. Be wary of mag selections, gen 1 and 2 Pmags work great, 3 and 4 have an AR-specific tab that you must either grind off or not be able to use. It takes about 50-100 rounds for this gun to be "broken in" unlike some video's out there of a crimped case-head that occurs when chambering a round, I instead had four rounds shove the bullet down the neck of the case 1-2mm. These still fired and cycled, but after about 40-50 rounds and 4 "issues" it has not done this since. This weapon system was everything I had hoped for when they announced its release 3 years ago, the feature set is greater than the SKAR, no tools required, no messy action, all self-contained gas and piston system. Easy to clean. and a thousand less than a SKAR. Love it! Great jobBberetta! Now where's my 7.62x39 barrel??!!?!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

Submitted By: Sam A. On 07/07/2014

Keep in mind, I have NOT shot this rifle. I did, however, handle it a good bit at the NRA Show in Houston in 2013. The ergonomics on this rifle, in my opinion, were awful. It didn't feel good in my hands at all, in fact it felt kind of awkward, the whole thing felt loosely built, and I hated the stock. The reason I gave it 3 stars is because I have yet to shoot one, but so far, I have not been impressed.

Rating: [3 of 5 Stars]

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