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Browning Cynergy Feather Shotgun 013293914, 410 GA, Over/Under, 26 in VR BBL, 3 in Chmbr, Gloss Oil Walnut Stock, Silver Rcvr/Blue BBL, 2 Rds

Hinterland Item #25971

Manufacturer Item #013293914

Browning Cynergy Feather Shotgun 013293914, 410 GA, Over/Under, 26 in VR BBL, 3 in Chmbr, Gloss Oil Walnut Stock, Silver Rcvr/Blue BBL, 2 Rds

Our Price: $2,230.62

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About Browning Cynergy Shotguns

Browning Citori shotgun Logo

As one of the most technologically advanced over and under shotguns on the market today, the Browning Cynergy shotgun has been called a revolutionary firearm. With its strong handling and low-profile, compact receiver, the innovative Browning Cynergy showed the world a new and better way to build an over and under shotgun. The Browning Cynergy's modern design and technology make it a totally new experience in shotguns that is unmatched by the competition.

When you shoot a Cynergy shotgun from Browning Firearms, it could very well transform your shooting abilities. To distribute wear, the Browning Cynergy boasts an ultra-strong MonoLock Hinge with 300% more pivot surface-area. To reduce muzzle jump and perceived recoil, the Cynergy shotgun has the lowest profile receiver on any 12 gauge over and under shotgun. On some models of the Browning Cynergy shotgun, the long travel Inflex Recoil Pad system reduces felt recoil by as much as 25% and offers a wide range of length of pull adjustments.

The exclusive Reverse Striker ignition system on Browning Cynergy shotguns comes with mechanical triggers and a rifle-type striker to provide faster locktime and reduced overtravel, while the Impact Ejectors feature dual springs for positive, consistent ejection.

With all of this technology, the Cynergy shotgun forges ahead with a broad range of new models. Browning Cynergy Feather models are some of the lightest over and unders available, while high grade models elevate the level of elegance in this exotic line. This Browning line also includes a broad range of sporting guns, guns designed specifically for trap shooters, and sub gauge models that offer a level of slim perfection unlike any other shotgun in the world.

The Browning Cynergy line of shotguns includes:

  • Browning Cynergy Field
  • Browning Cynergy Feather
  • Browning Cynergy Sporting
  • Browning Cynergy Classic Field
  • Browning Cynergy Classic Sporting
  • Browning Cynergy Classic Trap

Features of Browning Cynergy Shotguns

All Browning Cynergy shotguns feature the same fit, finish and quality that makes shotguns from Browning Firearms some of the most sought after in the world. Whatever your passion, there is a Browning Cynergy to suit your every need.

Inflex Technology Recoil Pad

Browning Cynergy shotguns come with the Inflex Technology recoil pad system, which provides long travel recoil reduction for a massive 25% decrease in felt recoil on 12 gauge shotguns. It makes recoil virtually non-existent on small gauge shotguns. The slick parylene coating allows the recoil pad to remain soft, yet prevent it from snagging your clothing.

Cynergy Mechanical Trigger

The Browning Cynergy features the unique Reverse Striker ignition system - a striker based, mechanical trigger which offers the benefits of a crisp feel, reduced locktime, and less overtravel. This innovative, incredibly fast system outperforms the traditional hammer systems found in most other over and under shotguns. Browning Cynergy target shotguns are equipped with the Triple Trigger system to allow you to adjust the length of pull and switch between wide checkered, narrow smooth, or wide smooth canted.

Chrome Chambers

To increase durability, all Cynergy shotguns feature chrome-plated chambers that resist the toll thousands of shells can take on lesser quality guns. Corrosion resistance is also greatly improved.

Adjustable Comb

Composite models of the Browning Cynergy include an integrated, adjustable comb system, allowing the shotgun to be easily customized to your individual taste.

Vector Pro

Browning was the first manufacturer to make the back-bored barrel a standard shotgun feature, and now they have gone a step further with Vector Pro technology, which features a lengthened forcing cone over 2 inches longer than other systems. The result minimizes shot deformation and maximizes pattern uniformity, consistency, and density. All 12 gauge and 20 gauge Browning Cynergy shotguns feature Vector Pro.

We also also carry a wide range of other Browning Shotguns, Browning Rifles, Browning Pistols, and other gun accessories for sale from Browning Firearms

For more information about the Cynergy shotgun from Browning, please watch the overview video:

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