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Weaver Mounts 49048 Quad Lock Extension Quick Detach 1" High Black Matte

Hinterland Item #86376

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Weaver Mounts 49048 Quad Lock Extension Quick Detach 1" High Black Matte

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About Shooting Gear and Accessories

Get stocked up with the gear and accessories you’ll need to keep your skills sharp and your equipment in tip-top shape. Enthusiastic about supporting your passion and helping you stay safe while you’re doing it, Hinterland Outfitters carries all the newest gear and accessories to make sure all your shooting needs are taken care of. Improve your skills, test yourself and make your next target-shooting session or trip out hunting an absolute blast with all the right equipment.

Depending on the intended purpose of your firearm, you’ll be looking for accessories that complement both your firearm and activity.

Gun Cases

Gun cases come in a variety of sizes and have various applications and designs, all built to protect your gun from the wear-and-tear that can occur during transportation. There are a few factors to consider with your case, as in whether you would like a soft- or hard-sided case, since it will impact the weight you have to carry as well as the amount of protection from the elements.

Other considerations include whether you need a waterproof case, a case that meets airline travel regulations or a case that has lock and safety features. We carry a large selection of handgun cases, shotgun cases and rifle cases from all of the major brands such as Pelican, BlackHawk, Allen, Drago, Plano, Bulldog, Gunmate, Uncle Mikes, G-Outdoors and many more.

Bipods, Monopods & Shooting Sticks

You will want to be sure your level platform is lightweight yet rugged and portable. Your pod needs to allow for rock-solid feel so you are comfortable taking shots, and it needs to be adjustable so you can shoot from a variety of heights, be it kneeling, sitting, or standing positions. Hinterland Outfitters offer many options from top-quality brands, such as Accu-Tac, Harris, Atlas, GG&G, Caldwell and CAA.

Slings & Swivels

Slings & swivels allows for adjustable, easy to use comfort when carrying your rifle or shotgun. You can quickly adjust your sling to the right length and position to allow for quick access to your firearm.

Equally important for your sling are good swivels. These rugged construction items come in a variety of shapes, sizes and functions and simply attach to your firearm and allow you to easily attach and unattach your sling as needed.

Choke Tubes, Wrenches & Tools

The overall goal of using a choke tube is to find the combination of both choke and load that performs best at the desired distance you will be shooting. Most of today’s shotguns come with screw-in choke tubes, and there is a tremendous selection to choose from. The typical designations of constriction would include full, modified, improved cylinder and skeet.

  • Cylinder Choke: A bore that has no restriction, the shot string spreads quickly and uniformly. It’s useful for close-range shooting with the widest pattern, and is good for clay targets and game birds or for self-defense.
  • Improved Cylinder Choke: A slightly constricted barrel allows the shot string to spread fairly quickly, enabling for a nice wide pattern for fast flushing game birds at distances around 30 yards. An improved cylinder choke would be an excellent choice for hunting quail, rabbits and other upland game at relatively close ranges.
  • Skeet Choke: Calculated to distribute optimum pattern for close range sport and target shooting, this choke will distribute 50 percent of a shell’s total pellets in a 30-inch circle at a close 25 yards.
  • Modified Choke: A modified choke provides  moderate constriction of the barrel, causing the pellets to stay together longer, which makes the shot string denser and more useful at longer ranges. This choke is a good choice for all-around use, and is used often with dove hunting and when using steel shot to hunt for waterfowl ducks. There is also an improved modified choke that is slightly tighter than the modified.
  • Full Choke: The full choke has a tight barrel constriction. The shot string holds together much longer, making this choke good for squirrel, turkey and other game shot at 40 yards and longer ranges. Turkey hunters may use extra full or turkey chokes for even denser patterns at long range, as they are naturally wary and often taken at distances of 40 to 50 yards.

Choke wrenches and tools provide you with the additional help you may require when handling your shotgun choke(s). A choke wrench is a fast way of inserting and removing choke tubes. There are a variety of choke tube wrenches and tools to easily install, remove and clean choke tubes.  Consider choke tubes, wrenches, and tools from such brands as Beretta, Birchwwood Casey, Briley, Browning, and Carlson’s.

Gun Safes & Storage

Store your firearms and valuables with confidence and peace of mind in a convenient access safe. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as locking mechanisms and construction to ensure and protect the safekeeping of your firearms and contents. Storing your firearm(s) and accessories is also a great way to preserve their quality and integrity by using storage items like dehumidifiers to prevent humidity, mold and condensation. If you are figuring out a good place to start, consider safes and storages options from Browning, Gunvault, Winchester, Hornady, Bulldog and StackOn.

Holsters & Belt Gear

Since the invention of the handgun, people have been trying to figure out good ways in which to carry their handgun safely and efficiently. There are a variety of concerns and considerations to ponder when selecting a holster and belt. Obvious choices are concealment, hunting and cowboy-action shooting, all built for handling and comfortable carrying. There are also a variety of carrying placement options, such as belt-worn around the hip, or chest, ankle or shoulder carry cross draw options to consider. A good starting point would be to consider holsters & belt gear from brands like Blackhawk, Desantis, Don Hume, Galco, Fobus, Safariland, Uncle Mikes, Mission First Tactical and Bladetec.

Firearm Care & Cleaning

Properly caring for your firearm ensures reliable functionality and long-lasting preservation. A basic cleaning tool kit for your firearm will include solvent (to help remove fouling), gun oil, a bore brush, cleaning rod and patches. As you become more familiar with your firearm, what additional tools and cleaning products you require will become evident. Otis, Hoppe’s and Pro-Shot all offer care and cleaning kits that provide the baseline tools and cleaners you need.

Shooting Targets

Ranging from traditional circular target designs to human silhouettes to full-fledged realistic drawings of animals and characters (like zombies), you have a wide arrange of shooting targets to choose from. We also offer resetting shooting targets for airguns as well.


Shooting has evolved with optical sensors that note the passage of the bullet and calculate the speed of the bullet as it passes. Shooting chronographs are popular with hand-loading ammo as bullets have different performance at different speeds. A chronograph will help take away the guess work and provide you with accurate velocity readings. You need to know this velocity measurement to accurately calculate the trajectory/flight path of the projectile, and allows you to adjust your aim point to get the bullet closer to where you want it to go.

Speed Sensors

Usually handheld, speed sensors measure wind speed so you can know how much crosswind you’re dealing with.

Other Accessories

A look through our miscellaneous accessories, as well as other category pages, allows you to discover items that complement your activities. Whether it’s purchasing batteries for electronics while you’re out camping or discovering that rare bullet-looking shot glass or unique 50-caliber corkscrew as the perfect present for your gun-enthusiast friend or family member, Hinterland Outfitters provides a wide variety of accessories that can act as the cherry on top of your experience.


Our selection of batteries ranges from small round Laserlyte 1.5 volt batteries available for night vision and spotting scopes to lithium ion batteries to power your tactical tools.


Typically used by law enforcement for self-defense or riot control, batons are less than arm’s length and are typically made of rubber, plastic, metal or wood.

Gifts for Gun Lovers

If you are looking for a gift to add to your wish list or want to find the perfect gift for someone who loves his or her firearm, look no further. We offer a wide variety of shooting accessories, such as:

Bottle Openers

A bottle opener makes a great gift, especially when it’s made out of a 50 caliber BMG or 308 bullet. Open soda pop while out on a family camping trip, or a cold bottled beer when catching up over a fire or at home.

Earmuffs & Ear Plugs

Shooting ranges can be filled with multiple people practicing their technique. While firearms have a short amount of sound duration, their sound intensity is very high, meaning that in that fraction of a second, you can experience loud enough sound intensity to wear on your eardrums and cause hearing loss. Protect your ears with ear plug whenever possible, and look into earmuffs to provide warmth in cold environments.

Shooting Glasses

While the sun, wind and dust are all factors that can impact your hunting or shooting range experience, the recoil from your gun being close to your face/shoulder also means that you have a chance of hurting your eyes. Shooting glasses allows for protection against strong recoil effects as well as the elements.

Shooting Rest & Bags

Bags are great for securing and transporting your firearm, especially if you need to organize other accessories and parts as well. A shooting rest provides comfort so you can spend all the time you need to get the firearms accuracy you desire.

Shooting Benches

Shooting benches are designed to allow shooters to feel comfortable as they engage in shooting targets that may be coming from various directions. Many shooting benches have integrated adjustable features, such as a shooting table and seat that allow for comfortable gun assembly.

Range Boxes

Compact and easy to carry, shooting range boxes or cases are designed to carry everything you need for a day at the range, from cleaning supplies to parts and tools in case you need to make an adjustment or repair.

Range Bags

Range bags allow you to transport all of your necessary gear for a day at the range. These range bags look like duffel bags but have design features made for your shooting needs, like adjustable dividers, magazine sleeves, lockable compartments and high-visibility bottom and lined pockets for easy identification of smaller items.

Need Gun Gear? Buy Shooting Accessories from Hinterland Outfitters

Hinterland Outfitters strives to be the #1 outlet for all your shooting gear needs online. Our online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, so you can enjoy the convenience and hassle-free shopping experience you deserve. If you have any questions regarding gun gear or what shooting accessories, including optics and gun bags & holsters, would be right for your firearm or activity needs, we would be happy to offer some recommendations. Send us a secure message via our contact form, or call our customer service line at 877-446-8370.