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About Beretta Handguns

Beretta Handguns

Beretta Firearms has been designing and manufacturing pistols for use in combat around the world since 1915, when the first semi-automatic Beretta combat handgun was introduced and adopted by the military. With more than 100 years of experience and feedback from the battlefield, each Beretta handgun, pistol, and revolver is designed with the worst case scenario in mind. Beretta's handguns and other guns are backed by over 500 years of metallurgical research, manufacturing expertise, and the Beretta family's passion for firearms.

Never settle for an inferior handgun - the knowledge, experience, and valuable lessons from the battlefield are put to the best possible use in the development and improvement of all Beretta handguns. With 15 generations of skill, a century of battlefield feedback, and 25 years of service with the US Armed Forces, a Beretta handgun will peform every time, everywhere.

Beretta's line of handguns for sale include:

  • Beretta Px4 Storm Pistols
  • Beretta 90 Series Pistols
  • Beretta 80 Series Pistols
  • Beretta Small-Frame Pistols
  • Beretta Neos Pistols

In addition to Beretta handguns, we also carry Beretta Shotguns, Beretta Rifles, and a wide range of Beretta firearm accessories.

Beretta Px4 Storm Pistols

The Beretta Px4 handgun represents the culmination of a century of experience building, testing, and refining pistols for worldwide military use. The NATO certified Beretta Px4 pistol is used all over the world by law enforcement groups and the military, in every environment imaginable. These Beretta handguns are designed to meet the most stringent military standards, and have been reported to fire over 150,000 rounds with zero parts breakage.

  • Beretta Px4 Full Size Type F Pistol
  • Beretta Px4 Inox Pistol
  • Beretta Px4 Type C Pistol
  • Beretta Px4 .45 Pistol
  • Beretta Px4 SD Pistol
  • Beretta Px4 Compact Pistol
  • Beretta Px4 Subcompact Pistol

Beretta Px4 Full Size Type F Pistol

The Beretta Px4 Full Size Type F pistol has many features which help it deliver unparalleled strength and wear properties. These Px4 features include a light, durable frame that employs a highly refined reinforced fiberglass, proprietary steel developed to exceed the most impossible standards, and a slide machined from solid bar stock to ensure precision and performance.

The Beretta Px4 pistol has one of the strongest available actions of all handguns for sale on the market today as a result of its cold hammer forged, rotary-barrel design. This rotary barrel dissipates recoil energy in a unique way that decreases perceived recoil for the handgun shooter, and allows for faster sight recovery and follow-up shots.

The Beretta Px4 Full Size Type F handguns are for sale in both 9mm (17 or 10 rounds) and .40 S&W (14 or 10 rounds) versions.

Beretta Px4 Inox Pistol

The Beretta Px4 Inox pistol brings a fresh look and unique style to Beretta's Px4 line of handguns for sale, epitomizing functional elegance for even the most demanding handgun shooters. The two-tone finish of this Beretta handgun is practical, functional, and distinctly attractive - all while maintaining the handgun family's proven features.

The stainless steel slide of the Px4 Inox pistol is bead-blasted to a smooth satin finish to ensure a non-reflective surface that is highly resistant to the elements. With its reinforced fiberglass frame made from a highly refined techno-polymer, the Px4 Inox is optimized for use in the most challenging environments and harsh climates.

Three interchangeable backstraps make fitting most shooters with different sized hands quick and easy. The Px4 Inox pistol's magazine release is easily changed to accommodate left or right handed shooters, and the in-line feeding system provides unparalleled reliability to keep it running shot after shot.

The Beretta Px4 Inox handguns are for sale in both 9mm (17 or 10 rounds) and .40 S&W (14 or 10 rounds) versions.

Beretta Px4 Type C Pistol

Whether at home, on the range, or on the job, the simplicity of a defensive handgun is often key to many shooters. With simple controls requiring a minimum amount of manipulation and a trigger mechanism that provides the same length of pull and feel with every shot, the Beretta Px4 Type C handgun was developed for these shooters. This Beretta handgun for sale has an incredibly smooth shot, ensuring the clean and consistent break necessary for precision shot-placement and safety in the field. Since the Beretta Px4 Type C pistol has no decocker, the need for additional control manipulation is elimininated.

The Beretta Px4 Type C pistol also has lower recoil and fast follow-up shot characteristics because of its in-line rotary barrel system. The bobbed hammer of this Beretta pistol provides for a clean, snag-free design. All of these features help to make this Beretta handgun for sale in the Px4 Family an ideal package of speed, precision, and simplicity.

The Beretta Px4 Type C pistol is for sale in both 9mm (17 or 10 rounds) and .40 S&W (14 or 10 rounds) versions.

Beretta Px4 .45 Pistol

Born from a request by the US SOCOM to develop the ultimate pistol, the Beretta Px4 .45 ACP handgun was added to the Px4 line. The Beretta Px4 .45 pistol represents the ultimate marriage of strength, power, and performance. This Beretta handgun was developed specifically to operate despite sand and the elements, with the nine and ten round magazines providing true combat reliability.

The Beretta Px4 .45 ACP pistol has all of the necessary battle-proven features - whether you are playing in the sand, crawling through the mud, or going for a three-mile swim. This pistol is one of the toughest Beretta handguns for sale on the market today and is ready for whatever you can throw at it.

Beretta Px4 SD Special Duty Handgun

Far from being a spray-painted version of a production pistol, the Beretta Px4 SD handgun was built from the ground up to exceed the demanding requirements of a special request from the US SOCOM. Virtually every component of this handgun for sale in Beretta's Px4 family was specifically designed, produced, and specially treated for unrivaled performance in the most impossible conditions imaginable. Only this Beretta pistol's slide and frame were used from the original Beretta Px4 .45 to create the Px4 SD.

Beretta has proven in military trials that the Px4 SD handgun can pass the venerable 'over the beach test' - salt, sand, mud, and just about anything else you can throw at it are just shrugged off. When the impossible is expected, the Beretta Px4 SD pistol is, without question, the handgun companion to have at hand.

The Beretta Px4 .45 Special Duty Type F Full Size Handgun comes for sale in .45 ACP with 3 9/10 round magazines.

Beretta Px4 Compact Pistol

Beretta first introduced the Px4 Compact handgun for sale in 2010, completing Beretta's Px4 family of firearms. The Beretta Px4 Compact pistol is well suited for concealed carry and also at home in a duty holster. This Beretta handgun provides the ultimate in balance, feel, and proportion with its compact and controllable design accomodating plainclothes operations, home defense, or a day at the range.

The Beretta Px4 Compact pistol offers incredible controllability in an easy to carry package, and offers a full grip for most shooters. The 16 round capacity provides for true combat effectiveness, while remaining compact. This Beretta handgun is equipped with an accessory rail, ambidextrous slide stop, and an integral retractable lanyard loop. Because of its cold hammer forged barrel and the Px4 pistol family's rotary barrel, the Beretta Px4 Compact handgun is fast and accurate. Technology, precision, and a smaller profile combine to make the Beretta Px4 Compact the ultimate handgun in concealable, duty-ready pistols.

The Beretta Px4 Compact handgun is for sale in both 9mm (15 or 10 rounds) and .40 S&W (12 or 10 rounds) versions.

Beretta Px4 Sub-Compact Pistol

The Px4 Sub-Compact pistol from Beretta Firearms has a lightweight, sub-compact frame, providing shooters the advantages of a big pistol in a size suitable for deeper concealment. Three interchangeable backstraps provide the ability to fit different hand sizes, and an accessory rail provides for the mounting of lights, lasers, and other accessories.

The Beretta Px4 Sub-Compact pistol is easy to use for both right and left handed handgun shooters because of its ambidextrous, slide-mounted safety/decocker. With a capacity of up to 14 rounds, you get big gun capacity in a small package. Shooters with larger hands can gain a full grip with the Px4 Sub-Compact pistol's Snap-Grip, without sacrificing complete concealability. When not in use, the Snap-Grip retracts, making the entire handgun smaller for concealed carry.

When you don't want to lose big gun performance, but need to carry concealed, the Beretta Px4 Sub-Compact pistol will exceed your expectations.

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