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Browning Shotguns

A trusted name for shotguns, rifles and pistols for more than 125 years, Browning Firearms produces some of the world's most innovative, well-made and reliable guns. With nearly 275 specs of Browning shotguns in many variations and styles, they consistently exceed expectations and have earned a reputation for quality, durability and exquisite handling. Browning shotguns have endured hard use for generations, and are handed down with pride.
Browning shotguns are at the forefront of dependable firearm performance and durability. Built to withstand the continuous punishment of steel shot, Browning’s legendary barrels are produced under strict material standards and construction quality controls. Made from rolled and tempered steel bars, Browning shotgun barrels are stress relieved, after which the barrel blanks are precision drilled, reamed and honed to exacting specifications. With proper care, Browning shotgun barrels will last a lifetime. 

Browning’s line of quality shotguns includes:

  • Browning Maxus Shotguns
  • Browning Cynergy Shotguns
  • Browning Citori Shotguns
  • Browning Citori 725 Shotguns
  • Browning A5 Shotguns
  • Browning Silver Shotguns
  • Browning BPS Shotguns
  • Browning Gold Shotguns
  • Browning BT-99 Shotguns
  • Browning A-Bolt Shotguns

Standard features on most Browning shotguns include:

  • Total Barrel Dynamics. Most 12- and 20-gauge Browning shotgun barrels have three key features, the first of which is a lengthened and tapered forcing cone that allows easier transition of shot between the chamber and bore. Lengthened forcing cones are standard on Browning A5, Maxus, BT-99 and 12- and 20-gauge Citori and Cynergy model shotguns.

Browning’s back-boring technology maximizes the bore’s diameter, which both increases shot velocity to provide a more uniform pattern and reduces recoil. Back boring is a standard feature on Browning A5, Maxus, BT-99 and 12- and 20-gauge Citori, Cynergy, BPS and Silver models.

Ranging in constrictions from Cylinder to Extra-Full, our gradually tapered, thin-walled Invector chokes with muzzle end threads ensure consistently dense shot patterns. Invector-DS or “Double Sealed” chokes are standard on 12- and 20-gauge A5 and Citori 725 shotguns.

  • Browning shotguns come with a directional deflection recoil pad, which, when the gun is fired, pulls the comb down and away from the shooter’s face, allowing for faster and more accurate follow-up shots.
  • Browning shotgun stocks are finished with Dura-Touch® Armor Coating, which is a unique treatment that improves the shotgun’s grip and feel regardless of weather conditions, while also offering outstanding protection of the stock.

Browning Maxus Shotguns

105 years ago, renowned American inventor John M. Browning envisioned the future of shotgun design. He joined with famed Belgian gunmaker Fabrique Nationale to execute his vision in wood and steel.
Known as the Browning Auto-5, it revolutionized autoloading shotguns in terms of accuracy and performance. In the years that followed, the collaboration between Browning and Fabrique Nationale’s craftsmen has become a legendary partnership that produces some of the world’s finest sporting firearms. More than a century later, the Browning and Fabrique Nationale alliance is making history again with the all-new Browning Maxus autoloading shotgun.

The Maxus has 18% less recoil than similar autoloaders, which reduces muzzle jump up to 44% and helps improve follow-up shooting speed and accuracy. This is achieved by Browning’s patented Power Drive Gas System which features exhaust ports that dump unneeded gases and an enclosed seal design that helps keep residue out of the action. Rugged and reliable, the Browning Maxus Lightning Trigger System’s amazingly quick 5.2 millisecond cycling is the fastest lock time of any shotgun in its class. The Browning Maxus comes in numerous model variations, barrel lengths and finishes.

Some popular models include:

  • Browning Maxus Hunter
  • Browning Maxus Stalker
  • Browning Maxus Wicked Wing
  • Browning Maxus Ultimate
  • Browning Maxus Sporting
  • Browning Rifled Deer Stalker
  • Browning Maxus Sporting Golden Clays

Browning Cynergy Shotguns

Without a doubt, the Browning Cynergy shotgun was the most technologically advanced over and under shotgun available when it made its debut in 2004. It has been called revolutionary, and when you shoot a Browning Cynergy, you’ll know why — it could very well transform your shooting capabilities.

All Browning Cynergy shotguns feature the same fit, finish and quality that make Browning firearms so highly sought after by shooters everywhere. The Browning Cynergy features a reverse striker mechanical trigger system which produces a reduced crisp trigger pull. The Cynergy Target models feature a Triple Trigger system, which allows for adjustable trigger pulls and styles of trigger shoes.

Other key features include an Inflex Technology recoil pad, Monolock Hinge and Impact Ejectors. Whatever your shotgunning passion, there is a Browning Cynergy shotgun to suit your every shooting need.
Some popular Browning Cynergy shotgun models include:

  • Browning Cynergy CX
  • Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey
  • Browning Cynergy Field
  • Browning Cynergy Micro Midas
  • Browning Cynergy Sporting

Browning Citori Shotguns

The Browning Citori Over and Under shotgun is a perfect blend of beauty, performance and reliability. More than just shotguns, Browning Citoris are quintessentially representative of the overall quality of Browning Firearms. 
Randomly pick any Browning Citori shotgun from the rack, and you’ll see the same high level of fit and finish on every gun. Open and close the action, mount the gun to your shoulder and sight down the barrels to fully understand why Browning Citori shotguns have earned their reputation for being the finest over and under shotguns available anywhere.

The Citori’s impeccable looks come from its high-grade walnut stock, polished barrel silver or blued receiver and checkered foregrips. Key features include Browning’s Triple Trigger System, Back-Bored Technology, Chrome Chambers, Locking Bolt and Hinge Pin.

Some popular Browning Citori Shotgun models include:

  • Browning Citori White Lighting
  • Browning Citori Feather Lighting
  • Browning Citori XT Trap
  • Browning Citori Superlight Feather
  • Browning Citori CXS

Browning Citori 725 Shotguns

The Browning Citori 725 is a 21st century version of Browning’s famed Belgian-made B25 over and under shotgun that was first introduced to shooters in 1925. Initially available in 12 and 20 gauges only, Browning recently added 28 gauge and .410 models to its line of Citori 725s, all of which are available in both Field and Sporting Grades.

The 725 features a new low profile receiver that helps reduce muzzle jump, allowing for quicker follow-up shots. The 725 retains many features of the basic Citori shotgun, such as hard chrome-plated chambers, coil spring hammers, a full-width hinge pin and a tapered locking bolt mechanism.

Other key features include the Browning Fire Lite Mechanical Trigger, Ergo Balanced Receiver and Total Barrel Dynamics. The Browning Citori 725 comes in many different model variations, walnut stock grades, barrel lengths and gauges designed to meet the needs of any hunter, sport shooter or collector.
Some popular Browning Citiori 725 shotgun models include:

  • Browning Citori 725 Feather
  • Browning Citori 725 Skeet
  • Browning Citori 725 Trap
  • Browning Citori 725 Sporting
  • Browning Citori 725 Feather
  • Browning Citori 725 Sporting Golden Clays
  • Browning Citori 725 High Grade Trap-Grade V and VII
  • Browning Citori 725 Pro Trap with Adjustable Comb

Browning A5 Autoloading Shotguns

Looking much like Browning’s original A5 1902 autoloader nicknamed “the humpback”, the recoil-driven Browning A5 semi-automatic’s similarities end with its iconic appearance. The A5 features Browning’s Kinematic Drive System, which harnesses recoil energy and converts it into mechanical motion needed to operate the action.

To offset the increased blowback recoil of a self-loader over that of gas-operated shotguns, Browning added an Inflex II buttpad to the A5, which deflects the recoil downward, moving the stock’s comb away from the shooter’s cheek. The Browning A5 shotgun includes their proprietary Invector DS choke system, which comes with full, modified and improved choke tubes.

Browning is so confident about the A5 that they back it with a 100,000 round or 5-year warranty. The A5 comes in numerous model variations, finishes, stock types and gauges.

Some popular Browning A5 Shotgun models include:

  • Browning A5 Hunter
  • Browning A5 Ultimate
  • Browning A5 Stalker
  • Browning A5 Wicked
  • Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen
  • Browning A5 Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Browning Silver Shotguns

The Browning Silver shotgun is a shining example of performance, quality and value in a firearm. The name Browning is synonymous with no-nonsense, high-performance autoloading shotguns having superb finishes and unmatched handling characteristics.
With an easily recognizable semi-humpbacked receiver silhouette, Browning’s Silver shotguns perfectly honor that historic legacy. Sharing the same proven Active Valve gas operating system as the Gold, the Browning Silver shotgun is one of the softest recoiling and easiest shooting guns available.

Some popular Browning Silver shotgun models include:

  • Browning Silver Hunter
  • Browning Silver Black Lighting
  • Browning Sliver Hunter Micro Midas
  • Browning Sliver Rifled Deer
  • Browning Silver Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

Browning BPS Shotguns

The Browning BPS pump shotgun has a solid steel reputation for durability and dependability. Few shotguns have earned the level of respect the Browning BPS proudly boasts. Browning BPS shotguns provide long-lasting durability and an uncanny ability to keep on working despite what Mother Nature may do to try to stop it.

The Browning BPS shotgun has features that most other pump shotguns lack, such as rigid, dual-machined steel action bars, a forged and machined steel receiver, a convenient top-tang safety, bottom ejection for ambidextrous operation and legendary Browning balance and handling. That’s why the BPS continues to be the pump shotgun serious shotgunners rely on.

Some popular Browning BPS shotgun models include:

  • Browning BPS Micro Midas
  • Browning MPS Upland Special
  • Browning BPS Trap
  • Browning BPS Stalker
  • Browning BPS Rifled Deer Hunter
  • Browning NWTF BPS 10 Gauge Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Browning Gold Shotguns

Browning Gold shotguns have a proven standard for autoloading performance. The Active Valve gas operating system of Browning Gold shotguns does more than offer extreme load versatility — it controls felt recoil before it reaches your shoulder, making the Browning Gold shotgun one of the softest shooting autoloaders available anywhere. The Browning Gold Light 10-Gauge comes in two finishes, which include Mossy Oak Break-Up Country and Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades.

Browning BT-99 Shotguns

The Browning BT-99 single shot shotgun is the ideal competition shotgun for trapshooters of all ages. There is no finer example of simplicity, quality and clay-busting performance than the classic Browning BT-99 shotgun. 
When it was introduced in 1969, the Browning BT-99 shotgun immediately gained a loyal following among both beginning and veteran shooters. They appreciated the same consistently reliable performance and great value that Browning shotguns have always offered. Today is no different. From the Micro that is designed to comfortably accommodate smaller shooters to the Golden Clays version with a host of extra bells and whistles, there is a Browning BT-99 shotgun tailor-made just for you.

Some popular Browning BT-99 shotgun models include:

  • Browning BT-99
  • Browning BT-99 Micro
  • Browning BT-99 Micro Midas
  • Browning BT-99 Golden Clays

Browning A-Bolt Shotguns

Hunting for deer, bear, wild boar and other large game with a shotgun continues to grow in popularity. The ideal companion for taking part in this rapidly expanding hunting style is the Browning A-Bolt shotgun. Similar to Browning’s A-Bolt rifle in handling, appearance and performance, the A-Bolt shotgun’s barrel is fully rifled with a 1 in 28” twist designed for use with sabot slugs.
The A-Bolt shotgun comes with an adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight and a receiver pre-tapped for mounting a scope. For ruggedness, reliability and accuracy in a hunting shotgun, the Browning A-Bolt shotgun can’t be beat.

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