In simple terms, a rifle scope is a tube with internal magnifying lenses that is affixed to a firearm, usually a rifle. The scope’s purpose is to help a shooter aim more accurately when firing at distant targets. Depending upon the manufacturer, model and quality of the lenses and other components, rifle scopes range in price from less than $50 for a basic scope to $12,000 for a Hensoldt Zeiss Sniper Auxiliary Model, or “SAM.” Regardless of the cost, all rifle scopes will work adequately at close range — it’s at distances of 300 yards or more that that a high-quality precision scope is needed for accurate shooting.

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A Brief History of Turkey Hunting

The wild turkey has greatly influenced much of American culture and mythology, dating back to the early Aztec and Maya. In the American Southwest, Navajo were known to pen the wild birds and fatten them up, while in the eastern US, turkeys were much more abundant and regularly hunted by indigenous peoples.

When Europeans came to the Americas, they were transfixed by the wild gobblers and fell in love with their unique flavor. By the early 16th century, these highly prized turkeys were being shipped back to Europe to be domesticated and farmed. Both wild and domesticated turkeys would eventually become a vital food source for settlers from Europe. The turkey had such an importance to early Americans that Benjamin Franklin even voiced his preference for the tom — or male turkey — becoming the national bird over the bald eagle.

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Popular Deer Hunting Rifles

While there is no single perfect deer hunting rifle for all shooters, we can help you select the best rifle for your hunting style from the many options available.

The first and oldest style of rifle is the standard hunting platform, which is available in dozens of different calibers, barrel lengths, stock materials and colors. Most rifles used for deer hunting will have a barrel length between 22 and 26 inches, and popular stocks include classic wood (usually walnut) and synthetic.

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The Perfect Dove Hunting Shotgun

Dove hunting season opens typically in early September. Although dove hunting is one of the simplest forms of shotgun recreation available to wingshooters, most hunters—new and experienced—can find it a challenging and unforgiving sport.

Doves are plump-bodied with short legs and small bills, but their size is definitely to their advantage – their small heads and slender tails don’t allow for tons of surface area to point and aim.  They have been clocked at 55 mph and are extremely acrobatic, making sudden ascents, descents and dodges with their pointed tails stretched behind them. Consistently knocking doves down can prove quite challenging.

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