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Hunting Gear

Our team at Hinterland Outfitters understands how important it is to have the appropriate gear when going hunting. Making sure you are outfitted with quality hunting gear can make or break how successful you are in the field. Whether you need decoys, tree stands and game calls or seats and stools, we’ve got everything you need for a successful hunt.

We carry a huge selection of hunting gear for deer hunting, varmint hunting, big game hunting, waterfowl hunting, dove hunting and much more from the top brands in the industry and at incredible low prices!

We have all the major brands of hunting gear for sale, including:

• Duck Commander
• Moultrie
• Benchmade
• Camo Unlimited
• Browning
• Bushnell
• American Hunter
• Millennium
• Primos
• Stealth Cam
• Hunter Specialties
• Wildlife Research
• And many more

Whether you’re going after small game like squirrels and rabbits, or big game like deer and moose, make sure that you always bring the appropriate gear with you. Here’s a closer look at some of the important hunting gear every hunter needs for their next hunting adventure.


Hinterland Outfitters offers several different types of decoys, with a huge number of fowl decoys that help attract game both big and small. From classic decoys like classic mallard decoys that swim or float on top of the water, to inflatable turkey decoys with a natural, relaxed, feeding position that helps put approaching birds at ease. When buying decoys, it’s important to get a sense of how you’ll use the decoy when hunting. Scout the grounds prior to hunting season to learn about the terrain. This will help you better understand what types of decoys can be used to attract game.

As technology progresses, so too, do decoys. Our selection of hunting decoys also includes many motorized decoys. From magnetized wings that help minimize friction and move faster, to remote controls that can help randomize the motion of wings, decoys have got increasingly more realistic, helping to lure in your prey more effectively. For questions about which decoys might be right for you, contact the team of experts at Hinterland Outfitters today.


While some hunters prefer the traditional method of tying a rope and hoisting, a gambrel system streamlines the process by hooking, raising, and spreading the game all with one simple tool.

Our selection of gambrels includes both gambrels with and without the hoist. Gambrels that include a hoist often include a pulley system with nylon rope to help hoist the game onto the device. Most gambrels are rated to hold between 400 to 600 lbs., which should be sufficient for most deer. Hunters of larger game like elk or moose may need to consider more heavy-duty gambrels, like our Super Lift Magnum Gambrel, which holds up to 1,500 lbs.

Game & Wildlife Feeders

A wildlife feeder gives hunters a chance to pattern deer and keep game interested, holding them within the range of the stand. Game feeders are an important part of habitat management that can help hunters attract deer and other game, putting them at ease while giving the hunter the opportunity to study their movements and patterns. For optimal hunting, use feeders in conjunction with game cameras to record game using time-lapse features.

Game Calls

Hunting game, big or small, can be difficult when you can’t attract game near your stand.

We have a number of different game calls, including those for fowl like ducks, doves, geese, and pheasants, to larger game like deer, elk, moose, and hogs. While many game calls are simply acrylic or plastic molds that simulate the call of a wild animal, we also include several electronic game calls that offer incredible advantages. Historically, many game calls only represent one bleat or call; electronic game calls usually include a few different calls or sounds to give hunters the option to mimic multiple sounds. For more information on game calls, speak with one of the experts at Hinterland Outfitters today.

Game Cameras & Trail Cams

Trail cameras can be set up on specific sections of a hunting area so as to discreetly detect game entering the area. With advances in camera technology, trail cameras have become increasingly smaller while retaining expert image quality and responsiveness. With resolution up to 10MP, many of these trail cameras offer HD image quality that can be viewed on the 2” view screen on the back of a camera or projected onto a computer monitor or big screen TV. Hunters will need to consider when their game will be most active, and ensure cameras have important features like flashes, night vision, time-lapse options, motion sensors, and more. Additionally, consider accessories like batteries and extra SD cards as you prepare for your next trip outdoors. For tips and tricks on how to choose the camera that best suits your needs, contact Hinterland Outfitters today.

Mounting Kits

Mounting kits offer hunters the chance to show off their trophy with pride. Choose from rustic wood grain plaques that are perfectly suited for antlers and horns, to accessories that make cleaning and preparing your trophy easier than ever before.
Nets, Burlap, Blinds, Etc.

Visit us for some of the best camouflage accessories for hunting, from netting to burlap covers and shooting blinds. Choose from camouflage burlap that can help disguise outlines and conceal movement, from break-ups to create a more natural feel, to burlap that can disguise anything from tree stands to ground cover. We also offer camouflage makeup and face paint to help further conceal hunters as they work to establish their stand.

Scents & Repellent

Stock up on scents and repellent before you head out on your next hunting trip. We have a wide selection of insect repellent to protect yourself from bug bites from mosquitos, chiggers, ticks, or flies. Additionally, choose from wipes, sprays, or detergent to help eliminate odors while out in the field. Scents can range in both application and purpose—from sprays and applicators to scent sticks, hunters can choose from scents that mimic the smell of urine, animals in heat, or even the smell of smaller game or varmint to help lure predators. View our full selection of scents and repellent to find what you need for your next hunting trip. For questions on what types of scents might work best for you, contact us today.

Seats & Stools

We offer hunters a selection of highly portable seats and stools designed especially for the outdoors. These hunting stools are camouflage seating to help you stay comfortable in your stand or blind. Most of our hunting seats for sale include backs, carry straps for easy transportation, and even extra storage.

Tree Stands

Our online hunting gear shop offers a large selection of tree stands that will help with your next hunting adventure. Tree stands are simple platforms that are open or enclosed that allow hunters to be elevated off the ground, giving him or her a better vantage point. This allows the hunter to adequately survey the land on which they’re hunting, and also allows them to see over any vegetation or shorter tree line that could be blocking their line of sight. This gives the hunter an inherent advantage over the game they’re hunting. Tree stands are used by rifle and bow hunters, with whitetail deer being the most popular animal to hunt from them. The most common types of tree stands are the climbing tree stands, ladder tree stands, hanging tree stands, and box tree stands.

Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios are an essential piece of gear every hunter should own. Radios are especially helpful for deer hunters, where your hunting partner may be miles away in a different tree stand stalking prey. Since you can’t rely on cell phone service deep in the outback, this is a great way to communicate and is the best choice for any hunter. Two-way radios can also come in handy in emergency situations. Modern radios have greatly improved over the years with many models being water-resistant, having long battery lives and an effective range of 2-35 miles. We offer a wide selection of two-way radios to fit your needs.

Hunting Dog Supplies

The hunting dog is a hunter’s best friend. Make sure you get your dog outfitted for his next hunt. We carry a large selection of dog hunting supplies and training gear including collars, leashes, dog vests, electronic collars, pet accessories and training equipment.

Get in Touch

For more information on our hunting gear and accessories, get in touch with Hinterland Outfitters today. Buying hunting gear online can be a challenge, and our team of dedicated professionals are here to help. Get in touch at or call us at (877) 446-8370.