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About LWRC Rifles

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The mission of LWRC International Firearms is to provide the most accurate, reliable, and durable weapons possible through the use of innovative design, disciplined engineering, and state of the art manufacturing. LWRC rifles are made to exceed the requirements and expectations of the end user - warfighters, law enforcement officers, and civilian shooters.

What makes LWRC Rifles special?

LWRC International was founded by a dedicated team of professionals with many years of experience in the firearms and defense communities, with the goal of developing a short-stroke gas-piston version of the AR15/M16/M4 family of rifles. LWRC's research and development has been focused on eliminating the inherent shortcomings in the direct impingement operating system of previously existing rifles.

These efforts have resulted in the LWRC family of M6 short-stroke, gas-piston operated rifles and carbines, which improve on the direct impingement system by operating more cleanly, quietly, and with greater accuracy, reliability, and service life than any other similar rifle for sale on the market today.

Over the years, the many satisfied customers of LWRC rifles have helped them to build a reputation for excellence throughout the defense, commercial and international firearms arenas.

Please Note: LWRC rifles are available for special order, with a current estimated build-time from LWRC of 3-6 weeks.

Please call 1-877-446-8370 or email us for more information on ordering and delivery times for LWRC rifles.

The LWRC Rifle Gas-Piston System

LWRC has engineered a complete solution to the deficits found in the direct impingement M16/AR15/M4 family of rifles and carbines. The main improvement is the patented LWRC self-regulating short-stroke gas-piston system, which eliminates the venting of hot, carbon-laden gases into the receiver and bolt carrier group, so there's no need for the intensive cleaning regime common with legacy rifles.

This system also prevents the bolt carrier group and associated springs of LWRC rifles from being subjected to the searing heat of trapped gases, which is one of the major causes of small parts failure. LRWR rifles end up being far more reliable firearms than the legacy direct impingement rifles, regardless of user maintenance.

Other benefits of the LWRC rifle system include improved handling characteristics, lighter recoil, and reduced muzzle rise. LWRC rifles accomplish all of this while being ergonomically identical to, weighing almost the same as, and retaining 80% parts commonality with legacy carbines.

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