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Magnum Research Logo

Magnum Research offers a range of different pistols/handguns. The world famous MRI Desert Eagle being one of these, With a gas-operated semi-automatic pistol with high accuracy, the MRI Desert Eagle is perfect for interchangeability the shooter is looking for. Magnum Research also makes the Baby Eagle II Pistol, the Micro Desert Eagle ME380, the MR-9 and MR-10 Pistols, the 1911 version of the Desert Eagle including an Undercover Version, the powerful BFR Revolvers (Big Frame Revolver), which is truly the biggest/finest revolver on the market today, and of course the Mark XIX or Mark 19 Desert Eagle Pistol. More detailed information of Magnum Research and their products is located at the bottom of the page.

MRI : Magnum Research Inc.

Magnum Research Logo

MRI : Magnum Research History

In 2010, Kahr Arms, a well- known manufacturer of precise and high quality compact handguns and the maker of the world famous Thompson sub-machine gun a.k.a. Tommy Gun, purchased Magnum Research Inc. (MRI) after 25 years of its very own history. Jim Skildum and John Risdall have been involved with Magnum Research since 1979, these two individuals supervised the rise of the Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistol from concept on paper to the gas-operated, rotating bolt and all-steel construction handgun it is today.

MRI is solely responsible for the specific design and development of the Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistol. Until 1995, the Desert Eagle Handgun design was refined and these pistols were actually manufactured by Israel Military Industries (IMI), hence "Desert Eagle". Magnum Research then shifted their manufacturing contract to SACO Defense, but in 1998 MRI returned their contract back to IMI, which reorganized into their new name Israel Weapon Industries, IWI. Though these contracts were solely for manufacturing/contracting purposes. Magnum Research was still in control of all the intellectual property, including :patents, copyrights and trademarks. The Magnum Research Desert Eagle has been produced though in the USA since 2009, with some models such as the DE44W and DE50W, are still made by IWI in Israel. With the most commonly Black Oxide finish on the Desert Eagle, Magnum Research/MRI has developed many Desert Eagle Handguns with distinctive and appealing finishes including: Brushed Chrome, Matte Chrome, Polished Chrome, Bright Nickel, Satin Nickel, 24k Gold (24 karat), Titanium Gold and Titanium Gold with the latest "Tiger Stripe" pattern in a titanium nitride coated finish.

Under the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle name, MRI imported the IWI/IMI brand of pistols until the end of 2008. Though in 2011, the import of the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle progressed once again when MRI was purchased by Kahr Arms in June of 2010. Magnum Research does offer other products. The Magnum Research DE1911G and DE1911C from BUL Ltd. in Israel are some of these other products; the Magnum Research MR9 and MR40 Eagle as well. The MRI MR9/MR40 Eagle series is a striker fired polymer frame pistol from Walther, located in Germany. This Magnum Research Eagle made in the USA features a polymer frame from Walther with a Stainless Steel Slide and a Stainless Steel Barrel. Introduced in 2011, the MR9/MR40 Eagle Handgun was an innovation to the Magnum Research product line. Besides the MRIs Desert Eagle, Baby Desert Eagle, MR9 Eagle, and MR40 Eagle; Magnum Research also produces a series specified as the Big Frame Revolver, or more commonly known as the BFR. The Magnum Research BFR series is a single action magnum revolver. The Mountain Eagle Center-fire Rifles and Magnum Lite Rim-fire Rifles, featuring graphite barrels are also some other products produced by MRI.

The Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistol

The gas-operated, Semi- Automatic Pistol has emerged as a icon in today's pop-culture. With over 25 years of being accessorized and customized; this The Desert Eagle has been shown in many television shows, cinemas, and popular video games. With a variety of different customizations, the Magnum Research Desert Eagle has a variety of finishes from an oxide finish to even chrome, nickel, and gold; and the addition of a muzzle brake. Another feature to the standard of the Desert Eagle handgun is it comes with ambidextrous safeties and a Weaver-Style rail. The MRI Desert Eagle is constructed with a Weaver style accessory rail. This rail is located on the barrel and runs from as far back as the chamber region to behind the front sight of the handgun. With Weaver rail, many options are available for the customization of the MRI Desert Eagle, including the use of scope rings and many other after market optics.

The Magnum Research Desert Eagle General Features

  • - Gas- operated and semi-automatic with a rotating 3 lug bolt for positive lock-up
  • - Locked in place, the barrel assures a high degree of accuracy
  • - The rifling, which is polygonal, reduces the barrel wear; it is easy to clean and highly accurate
  • - The anatomically formed grip permits rapid, instinctive, and accurate shooting; The ideal hand seating angle is designed for two handed shooting
  • - Is able to fire the standard factory ammunition
  • - An automatic slide lock; this holds the slide open after the last round is fired

The Magnum Research Desert Eagle Safety

The Desert Eagle safety is ambidextrous. This means the user/shooter of this handgun can operate the Desert Eagle either by their right hand or left hand. Only as the safety is in the on position, the firing pin is blocked. This disconnects the trigger bar from the rear simultaneously. With mush testing, Magnum Research proves that the Desert Eagle is safe from firing accidently while the safety is engaged.

The Construction of the Magnum Research Desert Eagle

MRIs Desert Eagle Pistols are manufactured on the latest CNC, Computer Numerical Controlled, machines to exacting specifications and tight tolerances or precision- cast, and machined from high-quality carbon steel.

The Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX Platform, (Mark 19)

The Magnum Research Mark XIX Pistol (Mark 19), offers interchangeability. Once possessed, the Mark XIX handgun can be converted by switching the components on the pistol. The barrel length or the caliber can be changed in seconds, of course with the appropriate MRI Mark XIX parts/components on hand. Three different calibers are offered with the MRI Mark XIX component system, this includes the calibers of: .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, or the .50 AE (Action Express). The two different barrels lengths are the standard configuration of the 6 inch barrel or the 10 inch barrel. Unfortunately the 10" barrel is only offered in the black oxide finish only. The great aspect of the Magnum Research Mark XIX Series is that once of these pistols is purchased, with the correct platform on hand, the other five pistols can be interchanged by the switch of the barrel or magazines; though in some cases the bolt-assembly is required to be converted too.

Magnum Research 
Desert Eagle Mark XIX Cut 

  • MRI Desert Eagle Mark XIX : Calibers
    357 Magnum - DE357, etc.
    44 Magnum - DE44, DE44MB, DE44W etc.
    50 AE (Action Express) - DE50, DE50MB, DE50W etc.
  • MRI Desert Eagle Mark XIX : Barrel Lengths
    6" (Standard Configuration) - DE357, DE44 etc., DE50 etc.
    10" (Black Oxide Finish Only) - DE4010, DE5010
  • MRI Desert Eagle Mark XIX : Finishes
    Black Oxide (Standard)
    Brushed Chrome (BC)
    Matte Chrome (MC)
    Polished Chrome (PC)
    Bright Nickel (BN)
    Satin Nickel (SN)
    24k Gold (GO)
    Titanium Gold (TG)
    Titanium Gold with Tiger Stripes (TG-TS)
  • MRI Desert Eagle Mark XIX : Muzzle Brake
    Offered on 44 Magnum and 50 AE only (MB)

The World Record, 5 Shots in 0.8 Seconds, Accomplished by The Desert Eagle .50 AE Caliber

The Fire Power of The Desert Eagle Pistol, TRIGGERS

From, the following link contains much more information on the Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistol

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistol from GunTalk.TV

The Magnum Research MR9 Eagle Pistol

Magnum Research MR9 Eagle Series is an evolution of Walthers P99 semi-automatic defensive pistol. This MR9 from Magnum Research is a Double Action / Single Action, (SA/DA) striker fired gun that also features a quick action mode that allows the gun to be placed in single action mode without an exposed hammer.

From the Personal Defense Network, the following link contains much more information on the Magnum Research MR9 Eagle Pistol

Magnum Research MR-9 Eagle Pistol from the Personal Defense Network

The Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle

The Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle is much smaller and less bulky than the standard Desert Eagle. In comparison it is tiny. For the best conceal ability and a great defensive punch, the 380 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) pocket pistol is really hard to beat. This particular handgun is intended for the purpose of a short-range firearm, a range of 15 yards or less. The MRI Micro Desert Eagles frame is constructed from a tough aluminum alloy, although the slide and barrel of this micro pistol are made of steel. This pistol action is not commonly used in this size of firearm, which is a gas-assisted blowback system. This action increases reliability and reduces recoil. The steel slide features a nickel finish, which includes integral front and rear sights. These fixed sights are low profile. The formed grip panels are composed of a reinforced rubber compound. The trigger guard of the Micro Desert Eagle is oversized, which is extended just short of the muzzle, giving more room for the shooters finger, even if it is gloved. The Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle is Double Action Only (DAO). With no manual safety, the DAO trigger is intended against accidental discharge. For concealment purposes, this pocket pistol is streamlined with no abrupt projections or sharp corners to catch anything in the users pocket. The hammer, which is external, rides in a slot at the rear of the steel slide until the action of the trigger is pulled. This hammer is unable to be manually cocked. For personal protection, the Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle is a compact, palm-sized pocket pistol.

From Tactical Life, the following link contains much more information on the Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle Pistol

Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II Pistol from Tactical Life

The Magnum Research Baby Desert II Eagle

The Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II is constructed in three different sizes; Full-Size, Semi- Automatic or Compact with either a polymer-frame or all- steel construction. Without the Baby Desert Eagle being cocked, the first round is fired in Double Action (DA) mode, subsequently firing in Single Action (SA) mode making this pistol a Double Action/Single Action (DA/SA) handgun. When the ambidextrous safety decocks the hammer, the firing pin is locked and the trigger mechanism is disconnected. Magnum Researchs Baby Desert Eagle is comfortably fitted to the hand, well- balanced, and a solid-feeling handgun with recoil that is easy to control. The ambidextrous safety is thumbed downward to activate the decocker, as well as to lock the firing pin; upward to prepare the pistol for firing.

From Tactical Life, the following link contains much more information on the Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II Pistol

Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle II Pistol from Tactical Life

The Magnum Research BFR Revolver (Big Frame Revolver)

MRI's Big Frame Revolver is truly the biggest, finest revolver on the market today. Entirely manufactured in the US and like the legendary Desert Eagle pistol it is designed as a magnum from the ground up. The BFR is all stainless and has a cut rifled barrel that delivers unmatched accuracy with lead or jacketed bullets. The BFR is the most powerful production single action gun made and with 12 calibers and two frame sizes to choose from you can take everything from grouse to grizzly. Choose your chambering and frame size and have your favorite gun dealer locate one of the BFRs for you.

The MRI BFR Revolver Frame

The BFR single action 5-shot stainless steel revolver frames are CNC machined inside and out from a "pre- heat treated" investment casting. This is done to prevent warping and dimensional changes or shifting that occurs during the heat treat process. The result is a dimensionally perfect-machined frame. Magnum Research designed the frame with large calibers and large recoil in mind. It is thicker in the front yoke and bottom and top strap than conventional single actions. The front of the frame has no base pin plunger or holes to weaken it. Both long and short frames are machined to accept Magnum's own scope base included with the revolver.

The MRI BFR Revolver Grip Frame

The BFR grip frame is also CNC machine from an investment casting. It is one- piece stainless steel. It features a large trigger loop that is rounded in the back so it will not "bite" you with heavy recoiling calibers. The grip shape is similar to traditional single action revolvers and fills the hand nicely to help manage recoil.

The MRI BFR Revolver Cylinder

CNC machined from heat- treated bar stock. BFR cylinders are extremely tough and accurate. Magnum has developed a proprietary process to drill and ream the chambers that insures perfect bore and cylinder alignment every time. Cartridge rims are countersunk into the rear of the cylinder on all calibers.

The MRI BFR Revolver Barrel

BFR barrels on all production guns are stainless steel, round and un-tapered. Lengths are from 6.5-inches to 10-inches depending on caliber. They are deep cut rifled and the actual steel is re-sulferized and stress relieved. The plus here is an extremely consistent twist rate, internal dimension and finish. Bottom line is they shoot well and are easy to keep clean. They shoot lead bullets very well also.

For any additional information, please visit the Magnum Research Website

Magnum Research

*All information that has been provided has solely come from Magnum Research and/or other information resources from above.
**Specifications can change at any time, please notify Hinterland Oufitters if any notice or change has occurred and has not correctly been provided.
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