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POF-USA P308 EDGE Gen 4 Regulated Gas Piston Recon Rifle 01209, 308 Win/7.62 NATO, 16.5" BBL, MFT Adj Stock, 14.5" M-LOK Rail, NP3 Finish, 20+1 Rd, New 2017 Model

POF-USA P308 EDGE Gen 4 Regulated Gas Piston Recon Rifle 01209, 308 Win/7.62 NATO, 16.5" BBL, MFT Adj Stock, 14.5" M-LOK Rail, NP3 Finish, 20+1 Rd, New 2017 Model
Hinterland Item Number: 48830

Manufacturer Number: 01209

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Product Description

The POF-USA model P308 and P415 Gen 4 EDGE regulated gas piston recon rifles are champered in the .308 Win/7.62 Nato and .223/5.56 Nato calibers with a heavy contour non-fluted barrel and patented MLOK Rail.

P415 EDGE- .223/5.56 Nato
P308 EDGE- .308/7.62 Nato

POF rifles now feature a new 14.5 inch MLOK rail. The P308 has a modular railed receiver,  Mission First Tactical collapsible stock and a A3 flattop upper receiver.

The New Gen 4 models features ambidextrous controls, the new E2 Extractor and new Bolt Catch inside the trigger guard.

Available Barrel Lengths: 16.5" and 18" (P308 Models Only) .

Available Finishes: Black Anodized, NP3 Coated, Burnt Bronze Cerakote, Tungsten Grey Cerakote.  Some colors are only offered on certain models and barrel lengths.

POF Models: P415 EDGE, P308 EDGE and P308 War Hog

POF specializes in the manufacturing of custom gas piston AR's dedicated to the precision, quality and reliability of the weapons they develop.

POF Rifle Key features:

E2 Dual-Extraction Chamber-(New for Gen4 Models)
As it turns out, there are advantages to forcing a square peg into a round hole. POF USA's new Gen-4 rifles introduce  E² Extraction Technology, which features four channels along the neck of the chamber. What exactly does this do?

When a round is discharged, the neck of the cartridge case forms to the chamber walls causing it to “stick” in the chamber. This patented feature allows a small amount of gases to travel back along the neck of the cartridge case; breaking it free from the walls. In addition, these gases stop against the shoulder of the cartridge case pushing it away from the chamber walls. This is similar to breaking ice cubes off an ice tray. 
This removes a tremendous amount of work that would otherwise be left up to the extractor. The extractor is now pulling on a dislodged cartridge case. Imagine the difference in towing a car in neutral rather than a car in park. With the addition of this feature, your extractor can last up to five times longer than it would in a standard chamber.
Animated Demonstration:

Multi-Position Gas System

The POF rifle adjustable gas system consists of three major components: the gas plug, gas piston, and operating rod. Residual gases behind the bullet are routed into the gas block, which drives both the piston and operating rod rearward, in turn, cycling the firearm. Suppressors add back-pressure to a firearms operating system and thus increases bolt speed. This causes premature wear on the firearm and can even result in the bolt catching the discharged casing, also known as “stove piping”. The POF gas system allows the user to restrict, and even shut off, this extra back-pressure by simply rotating the gas plug.

The gas plug’s notched position regulates gas pressure for normal, unsuppressed fire. Rotate the gas plug to the smooth position when using a suppressor. Rotating the gas plug 90* (as shown) blocks the rifle from cycling all together. Your semi-auto is now a bolt-action! No tools required!

14.5" Low Profile M Lok Rail

Nitride Heat-Treated Non-Fluted Barrel

When it comes to firearms, “reliability” means two things: functionality and accuracy. Proper gas regulation and lubricated mechanics are nothing without the precision and durability of a quality barrel. Our chrome alloy barrels are machined for absolute accuracy. Not only are they fluted for optimum heat dissipation, but our barrels are nitride heat-treated for full corrosion resistance. BARREL IS NOT FLUTED.


Mission First Tactical Minimalist Retractable Buttstock

Battlelink Stocks are the evolution of battlefield technology manufactured using a specially developed Military Grade reinforced, super tough polyamide. Putting the stock to your shoulder is the foundation of any stock. Holding true to the basics while adding functionality with the minimal amount of material possible was our goal. With heavy input from operators from all spectrums we saw the need to make a stock that offers all of the functional requirements while keeping the weight under 6 ounces. This stock adapts and changes to your environment or operational needs by utilizing custom accessory mounts and is able to accept a new optimized sling configuration. This ultimately makes our stock the lightest in today's AR accessories market.

Anti-Tilt Buffer Tube

POF's mil-spec aluminum anti-tilt buffer tube features carrier cradle extensions to ensure that the carrier is always supported by the buffer tube, even when the bolt carrier is fully forward. This prevents carrier-tilt and premature wear of the buffer tube. Thusly, the buffer detent now doubles as a lock that inhibits the buffer tube from rotating and becoming loose under adverse conditions. POF’s design also features three drain holes.

NP3 Coated Upper & Lower Receivers

Developed by Robar in Arizona, NP3 is a combination of electro-less nickel alloy plating and Polytetrafluoroethylene (aka Teflon).

The result is a  smooth, perfectly even, self-lubricating surface inside and out that prevents friction, wear, and corrosion unlike anything else on the market.

Bolt Carrier Group

POF's patented bolt carrier design is custom manufactured with the mechanical key built in and positioned behind the cam pin. This helps prevent carrier tilt and eliminates the possibility of the key becoming misaligned with the carrier.  It features a chrome plated bolt, extractor, and firing pin and is able to run dry with its nickel boron coating.

Roller Cam Pin

POF's patented Roller Cam Pin is just one more examble of how far they will fo to reduce friction and drag. Standard AR cam pins feature a square (steel) head that grinds along inside of the aluminum receivers.  POF's roller head actually glides along a channel, enhancing reliability and prolonging the life of the receiver.

Ambidextrous Safety/Selector Switch-

Keep your weapon ahead of the moment with a double-sided Safety/Selector Switch.  Quickly set your rifle to fire, safety, or even select fire with your trigger hand!  Whether it's a fight or a hunt, every second counts.  POF makes sure you don't have to miss those precious seconds.

Ambidextrous Bolt Release

Standard rifle platforms have easy and fast operations.  But whether your stalking, fighting, or a competition shooter, faster is always better.  With the inclusion of the POF-USA patented Ambidextrous Bolt Release, readying your weapon has never been more intuitive.  With a simple point of your trigger finger, the weapon is locked, loaded... and you're already back on target.

Ambidextrous Magazine Release

Ambidextrous Bolt Catch

POF's new Bolt Catch is conveniently placed inside the trigger guard housing making it easy to activate when needed.

Oversized Integrated Trigger Guard

The original integrated trigger guard for the AR platform, introduced by POF-USA, is machined and coated with the Lower Receiver.  Its oversized shape is wide enough for the thickest arctic gloves without the hassle of an unnecessary piece of plastic dangling from your rifle.

KNS Precision Anti-Walk Pins

Not only are these stainless steel, non-rotating trigger/hammer pins the strongest on the market, but POF's rifles us KNS pins specifically designed for their fully-featured ambidextrous lower receiver.

Drop-In Single-Stage Trigger System

POF's single-stage, non-adjustable, drop-in trigger boasts a crisp 4.5-pound pull weight and is pre-assembled in a red anodized aluminum housing (complete with rubber urethane feet) for immediate competition, hunting, and tactical applications right out of the box. Cut from American A2 steel, the trigger, disconnect, and hammer are all nitride heat-treated for ultimate strength and corrosion resistance. To top it off, all POF triggers come standard with KNS Precision stainless steel, non-rotating anti-walk pins specifically designed for our ambidextrous lower receiver!

Oversized Heat Sink Barrel Nut

The patented POF oversized heat sink barrel nut is one of our most significant innovations. At just under four inches long, it completely encompasses the chamber and throat area of the barrel where expanding gas temperatures peak. To dissipate that heat, it boasts an amazing 51/44 square inches of surface area (P415/P308 respectively) where standard AR barrel nuts only have about 8. Take into account the radiation properties of aluminum compared to the traditional steel and you have 17x more heat dissipation than a standard AR! Our barrel nut’s four-inch length also gives the operating-rod substantial guiding surface, assuring constant positive contact with the bolt carrier. Our enhanced backbone receiver and wedge block (see Barrel & M.R.R.) also moves the upper’s natural stress point forward. This adds a massive amount of rigidity to the overall platform and is critical when vertical fore grips are being pulled on the upper assembly.

Interchangeable Rail Sections

POF's latest generation of handguards does away with the difficult decision between our previous integrated rail models. First was the fully railed tactical design, known as the T-rail. Next was the sleeker hunter/sniper design that allowed better use of larger objective scopes, this was known as the H-rail. Our latest modular handguard, known as the M-rail, allows you to have both! The M-rail comes with three aluminum picatinny rail sections* that can be screwed to the top, bottom, and sides of the handguard. This allows you to keep your handguard slim and light weight or you can customize the sections on your handguard for any additional accessories.
 Their new universal "M" Rail can effectively complement all styles of rail-estate. The solution: total and complete customization! POF’s new rifles come standard with one medium-length “12-rail” and two smaller “5-rail” interchangeable sections (referring to the available accessory slots found on each piece). These sections are perfect for essential accessories such as bi-pods, slings, flashlights, forward grips, etc.

Nitride Heat-Treated Gas Block

Single-Piece Gas Block
POF's trademark Gas Block design is the heart of our industry-leading Regulated Gas Piston System.  Our latest model is a sleek, solid, single-piece item (with no welding or guidance inserts) and is Nitride heat-treated separately for maximum durability.

Triple-Port Muzzle Brake

Designed in house to precisely compliment the platform, our Nitride Heat Treated Muzzle Brake controls muzzle impulse for ultimate accuracy and an unbelievably soft recoil.  Comes complete with a Nitride Heat Treated Collar and five (5) strike prongs.


• 16.5" or 18.5" heavy contour hand-lapped button twisted rifled, fluted to reduce weight and heat.
• 4150 Mil-B-11595 chrome-moly-vanadium alloy (machine gun rated).
•  Corrosion resistant nitride heat-treated 1:10.
• POF-USA triple-port muzzle device.
• 7.62x51 mm NATO (.308 Win)

Method of Operation
• Semi-auto, Gas Piston operated, rotating bolt (short stroke system).
• 3-position gas system for normal, suppressed, and bolt-action operating modes.
• C.R.O.S. (Corrosion Resistant Operating System) Nitride heat treated barrel, single-piece gas block, Nitride heat-treated gas plug, chromed gas piston, and NP3 coated bolt carrier assembly (one-piece) all billet machined.

Bolt & Carrier
• Nickel plated steel bolt carrier, integral keyed, billet machined, heat treated/plated per MIL-SPEC.
• Roller cam pin with chrome plated stem and NP3 coated roller.
• Chrome plated bolt, heat-treated to MIL-SPEC.

Upper Receiver
• POF-USA M LOK free-floating monolithic top rail system, billet machined 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy.
• 2-piece A3 flattop upper receiver
• Oversized heat-sink barrel nut.
• Black Anodized charging handle.

Lower Receiver
• P308, GEN 4 billet machined 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy with integrated oversized trigger guard.
• Ambidextrous bolt release lever machined into the lower receiver.
• Drop-in, single-stage, 4.5 lb. non-adjustable trigger system.
• Magpul MOE pistol grip.
• KNS Precision anti-walk pins.
• Ambidextrous selector switch.
• Magpul STR 7-position retractable buttstock.
• Anti-tilt buffer tube with four drain holes for marine use.
• Black Anodized, NP3 Coated, or Olive Drab Cerakote finishes.

• POF-USA free-floating M LOK Rail
• Interchangeable Picatinny rail sections.

• 20-round Magpul PMAG polymer magazine included.

• 8.1 lbs. (empty)

Black Anodized, NP3, Burnt Bronze Cerakote, Tungsten Grey Cerakote

• All raw materials, heat-treats, platings/coatings, accessories, and component parts on our weapon systems are made 100% through U.S. owned and operated steel mills and manufacturers.

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