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Firearm Components (Gun Parts)

Whether replacing a part or customizing and upgrading your firearm, you’ll find all the gun parts and gun accessories you need at Hinterland Outfitters. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the various parts and accessories we carry with an explanation of why you might need or want them.

Conversion Kits

Conversion kits allow you to modify or convert your current firearm to allow for various upgrades in performance or for changing the caliber and barrel length of a firearm. Conversion kits make it possible to easily switch between different kinds of shot without losing any of the feel you’re accustomed to with your current firearm. We carry all the most popular pistol, rifle and shotgun conversion kits, so whether you’re looking to convert a beloved pistol into a carbine rifle or simply switch out the bolt carrier group, barrel and twist rate of your favorite AR-15, you’ve come to the right place.

AR-15 Parts

AR-15s are the most popular firearm to customize and build from scratch parts. The modular design of AR-15s makes swapping out parts quick and painless. We have everything from trigger groups to bolt carrier groups to a wide variety of upper and lower receivers.

  • Upper Receivers: Containing roughly 80% of an AR-15’s functionality, upper receivers include the operating system, barrel, bolt carrier group, charging handle, forward assist, rail system, handguard and ejection port cover. All of these parts can be purchased as a single, pre-assembled component, or they can be purchased separately and put together by you.
  • Lower Receivers: Lower receivers account for roughly 20% of an AR-15’s function and include the trigger group, buffer tube, butt stock, magazine and pistol grip. Lower receivers come in complete sets and kits, but you can always build your own from various parts in order to make your own personalized lower receiver that feels comfortable and suits your needs to perfection. Remember, the lower receiver of an AR-15 is the part of the firearm that is federally regulated and, when purchasing one, you’ll be required to take a standard FBI background check.

Gun Barrels

Has your gun barrel worn out? With hundreds of replacement gun barrels to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect handgun barrel, shotgun barrel or rifle barrel you’re looking for from the most trusted brands on the market.


Having a solid, comfortable grip on your firearm is key to steady accuracy and consistency between shots. Whether you’re looking for a better pistol grip or a foregrip to add balance, you’ll find it here.

  • Foregrips: Foregrips come in a vast range of styles and are either vertical or horizontal along the barrel (handguard and forends). Most vertical foregrips will fit a standard Picatinny rail, while others are more gun-specific. 
  • Gun Grips: Searching for the right handgun grips and pistol grips can be daunting, and it’s vital that you find a grip that feels good when firing. You want a grip that sits full in your hand and keeps everything comfortably in line with your wrist.
  • Forends & Handguard Parts: Forearm rails and handguards allow you to attach multiple accessories to the front end of your firearm. There are handguard rails for everything from short-barreled carbines to shotguns to long-range rifles. When you want to further accessorize and customize your gun, you’ll need one of these.

 Stocks & Chassis

Stocks and chassis systems allow shooters to maintain proper head alignment and body position while aiming and firing. Additionally, they house the feeding mechanism and trigger, and they usually allow for the attachment of gun accessories such as optics, tripods and bipods. To those just getting into firearms and learning about gun parts, stocks and chassis appear to be basically the same thing; however, there are some minor differences between the two. For example, most stocks are crafted from fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber or wood, while chassis are typically made from high-grade aluminum.

Additionally, most stocks require proper bedding of the action, which can take some serious skill, while chassis provide an easy plug-and-play installation and are more versatile, allowing more opportunity for customization.

  • Rifle Chassis: Rifle chassis are great for switch barrel applications, since most chassis simply require the barrel to be unscrewed and swapped with the new one. Since chassis are more versatile than traditional stocks, they allow a user to better fit the chassis to his or her particular shooting style and build.
  • Buttstocks: Buttstocks, also known as gunstocks or simply as stocks, come in a variety of grip styles to fit a shooter’s preference: straight grip, the very popular pistol grip, semi-grip, Anschütz grip and thumbhole grip. There are also solid stocks and collapsible stocks, which allow users to adjust the buttstock to suit their shooting style.
  • Rifle and Shotgun Stocks: When choosing a rifle and shotgun stock, there are hundreds of options to choose from, and it comes down to your own preference and shooting style. Luckily, most modern firearms allow you to swap out the stocks with ease, so you can easily try different grips and styles. Pistol grip stocks tend to be very popular, as they provide a firm and steady grip of the firearm when the off-hand is doing another task.


Whether you’re a recreational shooter, hitting the range or heading out into the field for some hunting, you’ll find the sights and scopes you need to improve your accuracy and shot consistency.

  • Gun Sights: We carry a multitude of gun sights, including adjustable iron sights, fiber optics, dot sights, pistol glow sights, classic scopes and digital and thermal optics.
  • Laser Sights & Grips: Weapon lasers, or laser sights, provide an advantage to accuracy and aiming. Most laser sights can be easily attached, and many include trigger guards for pistols and handgrips for rifles and shotguns. Check out our wide selection of laser sights and grips to find the one that’s right for you and your firearm.
  • Weapon Lights: Weapon lights are great additions to any firearm, especially those for self-defense. They give shooters the advantage of being able to see in dark situations without having to take their hands off their weapon or clumsily hold a flashlight in an off-hand.

 Rail Kits & Clamps

Rail kits and clamps are used to accessorize firearms. When you want to add a light, laser sight, scope, forend grip or other attachment, you’ll often need a rail kit or clamp to make a point to attach to. Rail kits come in a variety of styles, with Picatinny rails being the most popular for their versatility and ease.


You know you need a new magazine when you see cracked or bent feed lips, damaged followers or worn out magazine springs. We carry single stack and double stack magazines for every type of firearm, from pistol magazines to shotgun magazines to rifle magazines and AR-15 magazines. You’ll find all your replacement and backup magazines conveniently sorted by

Miscellaneous Parts

  • Triggers: When it comes to shooting accurately and consistency, having a trigger pull that is comfortable and “feels right” is very important. There are many aftermarket triggers available to choose from.
  • Muzzle Brakes & Flash Hiders: Muzzle devices are very popular additions to rifles, as they greatly enhance the shooting experience. Muzzle brakes are known to reduce recoil by up to 30% as well as muzzle climb, which can make quick follow-up shots more difficult. Flash hiders counter muzzle flash, which is produced by the combustion of gunpowder when firing a shot and can give away your position, as well as hinder your line of sight.
  • Rail Covers: Rail covers come in a wide array of colors and styles. The most common rail covers are Picatinny rails that allow for the easy attachment of just about any gun accessory. Rail covers are usually made from high-grade aluminum, rubber or composite.
  • Choke Tubes: Choke tubes are added to the barrel of a shotgun to alter the spread of the shot, improving range and accuracy for hunting, clay shooting and target shooting. For example, turkey hunters prefer extra full chokes to keep the spread of the shot very tight and close together so it only hits the head and neck area, while modified and improved cylinder chokes are better for waterfowl and quail.

Gun Accessories

  • Gun Locks: Responsible gun ownership requires safety and proper storage. A good gun lock will ensure that your firearm isn’t mishandled or misfired. We have a wide selection of trigger locks and cable locks to suit any firearm you need to keep safe.
  • Supplies & Tools: From piston kits to combination wrenches, you’ll find plenty of gunsmithing tools and supplies to get the job done. Whether you’re building an AR-15 from various parts or swapping out your gun’s optics, we’re happy to help you discover the cleaning supplies and assembly tools you need.
  • Gun Rests, Bipods & Tripods: Gun rests, bipods and tripods are ideal for increasing your accuracy at the range or in the field, as well as providing stability for consistent shots.
  • Carry Handles: Carry handles can be easily attached to most rifles and shotguns, and are very popular with AR-15 rifles.

Gun Parts for Sale from Hinterland Outfitters

No matter the job, Hinterland Outfitters has the gun parts you need at the best possible prices. We are happy to help you pick out the upper and lower receivers for your new AR-15, or help you figure out a conversion kit that will work for your beloved firearm. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any and all of your gunsmithing needs. Our highly knowledgeable customer representatives are standing by to help you make the right decisions for your favorite hobby.