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About Remington Rifles

Remington Rifles Logo

Remington Firearms was founded in 1816 in upstate New York, and is the only US manufacturer with both firearms and ammunition products for sale. For almost 200 years, Remington has walked side-by-side with America's hunters and shooters and has been dedicated to providing the finest, most innovative, and technologically superior selection of shotguns and rifles for sale on the market.

Remington's selection of rifles for sale is one of the largest in the nation, so chances are you've seen a Remington rifle in the field. Every Remington rifle is a testament to their experience and love for the sporting tradition, which is deeply ingrained into the heart of the company.

Each year, Remington strives to deliver a mountain of breakthrough innovation in their new firearm product lines that will change the shape of the firearm industry for years to come. Year in and year out, more great seasons start and end with Remington, because no one works harder to advance the game or provide more solutions for success.

From the classic Model 700 rifle to the Model Seven or Model R-25, Remington offers a large selection of advanced centerfire rifles for sale to maximize your success in every situation. As always, with the most diverse and well-adapted family of rifles out there, a Remington rifle can be found to suit any shooter's preferences.

Remington Autoloading Centerfire Rifles

The Remington line of autoloading centerfire rifles for sale includes:

  • Remington Model R-15 Rifle
  • Remington Model R-25
  • Remington Model 750 Woodsmaster

Remington Model R-15 Rifle

The Remington Model R-15 Modular Repeating rifle has taken America by storm with its precision accuracy, blazing-fast follow-ups and hunt-specific features. This family of Remington rifles for sale comes equipped with a semi-automatic gas action, free floated barrel and clean-breaking single-stage trigger. The rifle's receiver length picatinny rail allows for the easy addition of optics, and the uppers and lowers are machined from aluminum forgings for featherweight durability.

Remington Model R-25 Rifle

With the Remington Model R-25 rifle, Remington Firearms produced a masterpiece of game-dropping performance and hunting prowess. This rifle has hunt-specific features that will load any camp's meat pole with unrivaled efficiency.

Remington Model 750 Woodsmaster Rifle

The Model 750 Woodsmaster rifle from Remington has an improved gas system for faster smoother cycling and a balanced low-profile design for lightning-like handling. Famed Remington one-shot accuracy comes standard with this rifle.

Remington Bolt Action Centerfire Rifles

The Remington line of bolt action centerfire rifles for sale includes:

  • Remington Model 700 Rifle
  • Remington Model 770 Rifle
  • Remington Model Seven Rifle

Remington Model 700 Rifle

The Remington Model 700 rifle is built to hunt and has provided over 50 years of bolt-action supremacy. These Remington rifles are graced with out-of-the-box accuracy and reliability that have earned a place in history as the greatest bolt rifles of all time. The Model 700 has no equals and is a superior performer in every way.

Remington Model 770 Rifle

The Model 770 is an upgrade of Remington's famous Model 710 rifle and is the perfect choice for any hunter since it comes with a pre-mounted and boresighted riflescope. This rifle is the latest and greatest edition of out-of-the-box accuracy and hunting performance from Remington Firearms.

Remington Model Seven Rifle

The first time a shooter carries a Remington Model Seven rifle into the field, he understands why this rifle is considered one of the finest dense-cover rifles in America. This Remington rifle for sale is lightning-fast in close quarters and superbly accurate for the long shot.

Remington Pump Action Centerfire Rifles

Remington Model 7600 Rifle

The Remington Model 7600 rifle is built to deliver legendary Remington first-shot accuracy and ultra-fast follow-up shots, without ever having to unshoulder your rifle. This gun from Remington is one of the most proven deerslayer rifles for sale on the market today.

Remington Rimfire Rifles

Since Remington rimfire rifles are built with the same standards for accuracy and flawless function as Remington's high-end centerfire rifles, they are among the finest rimfire rifles available for sale today. Rimfire shooting is one of the most popular of all shooting sports - it's just plain fun, whether you are shooting at aluminium cans, hunting small game, or competing at your gun club.

Remington takes building rimfire rifles very seriously, no matter how seriously you take your rimfire shooting. The Remington Firearms line of rimfire rifles are built with more time, technology, and thought than any other rimfire rifles for sale.

The Remington line of rimfire rifles for sale includes:

  • Remington Autoloading Model 597 Rifle
  • Remington Pump Action Model 572 Fieldmaster Rifle
  • Remington Autoloading Model 552 Speedmaster Rifle

Remington Model 597 Rifle

The Model 597 rifle is the fastest, smoothest, slickest, and most advanced rimfire rifle made by Remington Firearms for sale on the market. The Remington Model 597 excels in out-of-the-box accuracy and reliability.

Remington Model 572 Fieldmaster Rifle

With the look and feel of a classic rimfire rifle, the Remington Model 572 Fieldmaster is one of the most popular pump action 22 rimfire rifles for sale today. This rifle can handle 22 short, 22 long, and 22 long rifle cartridges interchangeably.

Remington Model 552 Speedmaster Rifle

The Remington Model 552 Speedmaster rifle is a true beauty of a weapon, with a high-gloss walnut stock, a Monte Carlo comb, and cut checkering. Like its pump-action rifle counterpart, the Remington Model 552 features adjustable big-game sights, positive cross-bolt safety, and a grooved receiver for scope mounts.

For more information on the full line of Remington rifles for sale, please see the Remington Firearms site.

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