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More Information About Rifles

Hinterland Outfitters online gun shop carries a large selection of rifles for sale from top manufacturers at discounted prices. Lever action, bolt action, pump action, semi-automatics, single shot, hunting rifles, competition rifles, AR-15 rifles, AK-47 rifles, target rifles, youth rifles, sniper rifles – you name it – we have them all!

We sell all the major brands of rifles on the market today including:

Savage Arms
Sig Sauer
Accuracy International
Springfield Armory
Smith & Wesson
Christensen Arms
Daniel Defense
Heckler & Koch
• And lots more

We carry the most popular rifle calibers ranging from .22 long rifle rimfire to the .50 BMG, and just about everything in between. There are two ways to shop for rifles online:
Rifles by Caliber
Rifles by Manufacturer

All rifles have certain aspects in common – they all have at least one barrel, with some having two. Rifle barrels have spiral groves cut into the inside, which are called “rifling” (hence the name rifle), the purpose of which is to impart spin on the projectile (bullet) as it is forced from the barrel. This makes the projectile fly farther and more accurately. Long guns with cut rifling have been around since the mid-1860s and first saw widespread action in the Civil War.

Brief History of the Rifle

Muskets with rifled barrels date back to the early 17th century. Today’s rifles, however, are a far cry from their early ancestors that used slow burning black powder to inaccurately hurl lead balls from smooth–bore barrels.

Christopher Henry introduced a lever action repeating rifle in 1860, which was a significant advancement in shooting technology due to being able to shoot multiple rounds before reloading. That same year, Christopher Spencer designed a lever action repeating rifle with a seven round capacity that was issued to more than 20,000 Union Army troops during the American Civil War.

Winchester Rifles introduced its first lever action repeater in 1866, which was a modified version of the Henry repeating rifle (modifications included a loading gate at the side of the frame, as well as a sealed magazine). In fact, Winchester marketed their Model 1873 as “The Gun That Won the West,” as it was widely available due to its high production/circulation in the market, as well as Hollywood featuring it in many film depictions of the Wild West. The Model 1873 also featured the first centerfire rifle cartridges, which allowed for the primer to be located in the center of the cartridge case that allowed for safer handling of ammunition during rougher handling scenarios.

Bolt action repeating rifles emerged during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Notable examples include the German Mauser, British Lee-Enfield and U.S. Model 1903 Springfield. World War II saw the proliferation of automatic and semiautomatic rifles, including the M1 Garand. By 1961, the U.S. Army had replaced the semiautomatic Garand with the M14, a selective fire rifle that lets the shooter choose between semiautomatic and fully automatic firing.

The modern world’s most widely used selective fire assault rifle is the AK47. That being said, the M16, which is also a selective fire assault rifle, replaced the M14 in 1969, and became the U.S. Army’s standard service rifle. The semiautomatic AR15 is the civilian version of the M16, and is by far the most popular semiautomatic tactical rifle sold in the U.S. today.

Rifle Actions

The five basic rifle action types are bolt action, slide action, lever action and autoloading.

Bolt Action

Bolt action repeaters hold multiple rounds in either tube or box magazines. Manually lifting the bolt handle upward and pulling it back ejects the spent cartridge, cocks the firing mechanism and strips a new round from the magazine. Moving the bolt forward seats the live round in the chamber, and a final downward motion locks the bolt in place, making the rifle ready to fire.

A main advantage of the bolt action rifle is its strength. Locking “lugs” on the face of the bolt mate with the chamber, which makes a very solid platform from which to fire. This makes bolt actions very accurate and is the most accurate of all rifle action types. This is why many hunters, professional target shooters, military and law enforcement snipers choose bolt actions over other actions.

Bolt action rifles are also a great way to introduce beginning shooters to the sport, and are often the first choice for a kid’s first rifle. Bolt action single shots are the simplest and safest of all rifles. Holding just one round, a single shot rifle needs to be manually reloaded after each shot. Single shot rifles range from inexpensive beginners’ firearms to highly sophisticated, long-range tactical weapons.

Short Action vs. Long Action Bolt Action Rifles

The term “short action” and “long action” describe the type of cartridge that the bolt-action rifle is designed to shoot. Many cartridges serve as a basis for other cartridges to be made from their brass by modifying different parts of the cartridge, such as the neck width and overall length.

Long Action: Cartridges based on longer and bigger bullets, such as the .30-06, .300 Winchester Magnum, 338 Lapua, .50 BMG and many more. This is because the bolt must be pulled back farther in order to eject the round.

Short Action: Cartridges based on shorter and smaller bullets, such as the .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .22-250 Remington, .308 Winchester and many more. The short action series of cartridges require a much shorter distance of pull back to eject the round.

Due to the accuracy advantage with bolt action rifles, most shooters and hunters will opt to fit them with a rifle scope instead of fixed iron sights. Almost all bolt action rifles for sale on the market today are designed to take a scope.

Today, bolt action rifles are still among the most popular firearms for hunting and long range shooting. Hinterland Outfitters carries a huge selection of bolt-action rifles for sale from well-known manufacturers as Browning, Remington, Barrett, Accuracy International, Christensen Arms, CZ-USA, Savage Arms, Weatherby, Nesika, and Ruger.

Pump Action Rifles

Pump action, or “slide action” rifles, represent a small niche in any review of firearms, but, their impact is still significant. The first pump action rifles were introduced by Colt (the Colt Lightning) to rival Winchester’s dominance in the rifle arena. Pump action rifles hold multiple cartridges in spring-fed magazines. After firing a shot, sliding the forearm back ejects the empty cartridge and brings a live round that has been push-fed from the magazine into alignment with the chamber. Sliding the forearm forward chambers the rounds, and the rifle is ready to fire. Because the shooter’s hands never have to change position on the gun, pump-action rifles can be a lot of fun to shoot.

Used primarily for hunting game and varmint shooting and plinking, slide action rifles are reliable and easy to operate. Once very popular, slide action rifles can be difficult to find due to lower production based on the popularity of other models, like bolt action or lever action. We carry an extensive selection of pump action sporting and tactical rifles for sale at low prices.

Lever Action Rifles

The first successful lever action rifle was developed by Tyler Henry in 1860. The rifle was unusual by today’s standards because of its ammunition. The Henry rifle saw some success and was used in the Civil War but had some drawbacks. Oliver Winchester would later purchase the rights to the Henry, perfecting and releasing it in 1866. He called it the “1866 Winchester,” and it was the first lever action rifle that most people would recognize as having all the traits of a modern lever action rifle. Due to the shiny brass frame of the rifle, the Plains Indians often referred to it as “the yellow boy” which endures still to this day. You can still purchase a reproduction of the famous 1886 Winchester.

Lever action rifles are rugged, reliable and simple to operate. Most lever actions are loaded by feeding ammunition through a port on the receiver’s side into a tube magazine either built into the stock or below the barrel. Pulling the lever down moves the bolt back, cocks the hammer, and extracts and ejects the empty casing. A live round spring fed from the magazine into the breach is chambered when the lever is lifted upward and returned to its original position.

One drawback of the lever action rifle is that by having a tubular magazine, only flat-nose shells can be used in the magazine. This is because the base (primer) of the first round rests against the nose of the second round. Having to fire “flat nosed” rounds in a lever action rifle has always limited its effectiveness in hunting game at long distance. Still known as being an effective hunting rifle, most hunters will stay within the 200-yard range of the intended target.

The lever action rifle may be over 150 years old, but it is still popular with all facets of the shooting public. Hunters like the robust yet simple action that permits rapid follow-up shots in this light, easy-to-carry-in-the-field rifle. Target shooters love the balance and light handling of the lever action rifle. Competitive shooting, called “Cowboy Action Shooting,” has grown in popularity. Lever action rifles are also popular with collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the firearm’s rich history.

Finally, the simple pleasure of plinking with a box of .22 and a rimfire lever action rifle is a joy in itself. Winchester and Marlin were two of the first manufacturers to produce the lever action rifle, and are still leaders in the market today.

Hinterland Outfitters carries a large selection of lever action rifles for sale from well-known manufacturers like Winchester, Marlin, Browning, Ruger, Chiappa, Henry, Uberti and Taylors.

Semi Auto Rifles

Semi-autos fire a round, eject the spent cartridge and rechamber a new bullet with each pull of the trigger. When a semiautomatic rifle is fired, the energy released pushes the bolt back, ejects the spent cartridge and inserts a fresh round from the magazine into the chamber.

Most semi-automatic rifles work by using the escaping gas from the bullet exiting the barrel to operate the action, or use the inertia from the recoil of the round being fired to operate the action. Since part of the recoil force is used to operate the action, most semi-automatic rifles have less recoil than bolt action, pump, or lever action rifles. The semi-automatic rifle was spurred by military needs to be able to deliver greater firepower in a shorter amount of time.

Over the last decade the semi-auto rifle has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the civilian market who enjoy the ability to have follow-up shots for target/competitive shooting, plinking and hunting. One potential drawback of autoloading rifles is their susceptibility to jamming if not thoroughly cleaned after each use. While this may not impact tactical target shooting as much, it may lead to time lost between you and the game you’re after.

Semi-auto rifles, although somewhat less accurate than bolt-action rifles, have also become more sophisticated and technologically advanced over the last couple of years making them extremely accurate and more effective than many other rifle actions available. Today, semi-automatics such as the AR-1 or AR-15, also known as the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) are the best-selling and most popular firearms on the market. The AK-47, Springfield M1A, PTR 91 and many other models are also very popular.

The MSR is now used for many types of applications and has been adopted by all types of shooters, including hunters, competitive shooters, target/range shooters, law enforcement and even long range shooting enthusiasts and collectors. Hinterland Outfitters carries a huge section of semi-automatic rifles for sale from well-known manufacturers like Armalite, Barrett, Browning, Bushmaster, Century arms, Christensen Arms, Colt, Daniel Defense, DPMS, Falkor Defense, H&K, Knights Armament, POF, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Sig Sauer and many others.

Single Shot Rifles

The very first rifles were single shot rifles. The first cartridge rifle that saw widespread deployment with American troops was created by cutting the back off of a Springfield percussion cap rifle and installing a hinged cover with a spring-loaded release. The soldier would pull back on a hammer, press the release and load a single cartridge. The rifle could then be fired and repeated.

These rifles were known as “Trapdoor Springfields” and some are still being sold and shot today. Most of the modern single shot rifles are being used for an exciting shooting discipline called Black Powder. Single shot rifles are also popular with long range competitive shooters and hunters that use highly customized rifles that are extremely accurate. Many large caliber long range rifles such as the .50 BMG are single shot rifles, too. The single shot rifle is also popular with young shooters whose parents want to teach them the fundamentals of shooting. The popular Chipmunk .22 rimfire rifle is the best selling rifle for sale on the market for kids learning how to shoot. We carry single shot rifles for sale by Traditions , Thompson Center, and Savage Arms.

Rifle Types

Rifles can be broken down into 3 primary categories:
• Hunting Rifles
• Long Range/Precision Rifles
• Tactical Rifles

There is, of course, some slight overlap in these categories, as many shooters are now using long range and tactical rifles in hunting applications, as well as hunting rifles being used in long range and competition scenarios. There will also be some slight overlap in calibers between the different classes of rifle.

The .308 Winchester is one of the most popular hunting rounds in the world, and is also produced in many tactical and precision platforms. However, with the few similarities that these rifles may possess, the differences between them will help the you decide which rifle to purchase based on its intended application.Hinterland Outfitters is here to help you buy the right type of rifle to fit your needs.

Hunting Rifles

The first and oldest style of rifle is the standard hunting platform. These rifles are available in dozens of different calibers, barrel lengths, stock materials and colors. The price range of these rifles can vary from the low $300s to several thousand dollars.
This category of firearms is easily the largest and most diverse of all the rifle types. The most popular hunting rifle manufacturers haven't changed much throughout the years, though some new companies are making quite a splash. Winchester, Remington, Savage, Ruger, Browning, and CZ-USA are still incredibly popular and reasonably priced hunting rifles. Other companies like Bergara, Sako, Weatherby, Christensen Arms and GA Precision offer premium rifle options for both the avid hunter as well as collectors.

The most popular hunting rifle calibers are .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, 7mm Remington Magnum, .308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, and .300 Winchester Magnum. These specific calibers cover a wide net of specific size and species of game. For example, a .243 Winchester could be used for a smaller deer, but as the size of the game increases, a larger caliber will be necessary.

In recent years, hunting rifle manufacturers began offering many more options for the stock materials and styles. While the most popular styles still include a classic wood stock and the always durable synthetic stock, the new kid on the block is the carbon fiber stock produced by Christensen Arms. They took the same idea of a lightweight carbon fiber rifle barrel that many manufacturers have produced, and integrated it into the stock. Although not many other manufacturers have introduced this option for sale in their rifle lines, carbon fiber is becoming an increasingly popular (yet pricey) stock option.

The last main option to consider when buying a hunting rifle is the barrel length. Most rifles used for hunting will have a barrel length between 22-26". Conventional wisdom tells us that the longer the barrel, the more accurate the rifle. While that would make sense, that is not always the case. In reality, it wouldn’t be very practical to take a heavy rifle with a 30" inch barrel through the woods on a hunt! While Sub-MOA (minute of angle) accuracy is not necessary when shopping for a hunting rifle, many manufacturers do offer amazing Sub-MOA rifles with shorter barrels, which may be more comfortable in different hunting applications. Many manufacturers, such as Weatherby and Christensen Arms, now offer Sub-MOA guarantees on nearly all of their rifles.

Most rifles produced by these companies are more expensive, but most shooters would agree that the extra money provides reassurances that they are using a highly accurate rifle to harvest their dream buck.

Long Range/Precision Rifles

This category is where you can really start tapping into the kid's college fund! Precision rifles can range from the $600 range to well over $10K! Models used by special forces have become exponentially more popular in recent years, sending sales of popular long range rifle manufacturers like McMillan and Accuracy International through the roof.

The largest expense when purchasing a rifle like this can be the optics used to make these works-of-art perform at their peak. Long range rifle scopes from US Optics, Nightforce, Leupold or Swarovski can cost in excess of $3,000. Similar to golf, long range shooting can be a very expensive hobby.The list of calibers used for precision shooting is much smaller than those employed by hunters. The most popular long range rifle calibers are .308 Winchester, .260 Remington, .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua, and .50 BMG.

Over the last few years, the new long range must-have caliber is the 6.5 Creedmoor. The rifle systems that belong to this category will typically boast a much longer barrel, with options such as carbon fiber, match grade steel and heavy match grade steel. Most barrel lengths will be between 24 and 28", with some rifles like the Steyr HS50 and Barrett M99, flaunting a 32" heavy barrel. Barrett went the other direction and began offering some of their lines like the MRAD in 20" short barrels.

In this category, the stock choice is often the most important one. Major stock manufacturers like McMillan and Accuracy International are developing top of the line rifle stocks that are meticulously designed to boost accuracy for both the everyday shooter and our servicemen and women. These stocks will often show adjustable cheek pieces and rear mono-pods and bi-pods for improved balance.

Tactical Rifles

The last style of rifle (and currently the most popular) is tactical rifles. This category includes the AR-15, AR-10, and AK-47 rifles, along with some other tactical rifle variations for sale on the market. The AR platform in particular is a highly customizable modern sporting rifle (MSR) whose demand has shot through the roof (no pun intended).

The AR-10 is primarily manufactured in a combination .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO platform. Several manufacturers, like Wilson Combat, have begun offering their AR-10s in a 6.5 Creedmoor as well, due to the overnight popularity of this very versatile caliber.

AR-15s are most commonly offered in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO, with a few exceptions, such as the 6.8mm SPC and the 300 AAC Blackout. The classic AK-47 round is the 7.62 x 39mm, and as mentioned earlier, is still far and away the highest selling rifle in the world, outside of the United States.

After caliber, the main difference in these rifles is the barrel length – almost everything after that is just cosmetic changes. Most barrel lengths in MSRs are between 14.5" and 18". Some sharp shooter rifle packages will come with 20" barrels, but these are nowhere near as popular. Manufacturers do produce "short" barrel rifles, but these require additional background checks (and a longer wait time) to acquire anything that is listed on what is referred to as the “NFA list”. This list includes rifles with barrels shorter than 16", as well as suppressors.

The AR platform was invented by Armalite, which is still one of the highest selling rifles in this category. Other popular manufacturers include Colt, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, Daniel Defense, Heckler & Koch, POF, PWS, LWRC, Barrett and Ruger. We spoke earlier about Christensen Arms introducing the carbon fiber barrel to the hunting scene, and they have also carried that same technology into the MSR line as well.

Rifles in this category can also be quite expensive if you want the best-of-the-best. Premium brands like LMT, Wilson Combat, Noveski, Nemo, Falkor and Christensen Arms can cost several thousand dollars.

Customizing your MSR can be the most fun part, with manufacturers offering so many different parts and accessories to make the rifle your own. Brands like Magpul and Troy offer everything from stocks to sights to different hand guards to make sure that no one else on the range has the same rifle you do! Deciding across the many different tactical rifle manufacturers and rifle variations can be daunting. Hinterland Outfitters carries one of the largest selections of tactical rifles for sale ,and our experts will be glad to help you find your next dream rifle!

Rifle Calibers

A rifle’s caliber is the internal diameter of its barrel expressed in either inches or millimeters. Deciding which caliber rifle to buy online depends upon how the gun will be used. If the rifle’s primary use will be hunting small game, varmint shooting or plinking, a .small caliber .22 Long Rifle rimfire is a good choice. A heavier caliber rifle such as a .30-06 is a better choice when a larger bullet with more stopping power is needed to humanely put down deer, elk or other large game.

Rifle Ammunition

Modern day rifle cartridges consist of four components:

• The bullet or projectile
• Metallic casing
• Propellant
• Primer to ignite the propellant

The two types of rifle cartridges are rimfire and centerfire. Virtually all rifle ammunition today is centerfire, except for smaller, inexpensive cartridges like the .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum Rimfire. A rimfire cartridge’s primer is a small charge in the rim of its metallic base. When the rifle’s firing pin strikes the rim, the gunpowder ignites, releasing the energy that launches the bullet. Because the casing is deformed when struck by the firing pin, spent rimfire cartridges cannot be reloaded.

Larger caliber centerfire ammunition has primer caps embedded in the center of the cartridge’s base. Centerfire cartridge casings can be reused after firing by extracting and replacing the primer cap, adding a measured amount of gunpowder and fitting a new projectile with a reloading tool.

Ammunition, except for small, rimfire cartridges, come in virtually limitless combinations of powder loads, casing lengths and projectile weights, shapes and sizes. Just as selecting the right caliber rifle depends upon how it will be used, the ammunition also needs to match the shooting applications and conditions.

Buying a Rifle Online

Regardless of the type of rifle that interests you, Hinterland Outfitters makes it simple to buy rifles online. Our extensive inventory of rifles for sale includes all major brands of sporting, target and tactical rifles, such as Winchester, Remington, Armalite and more. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members, who are more than happy to help you choose the right caliber rifle and action type for you.