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Savage Arms 110 BA LE Rifle 18901, 300 Winchester Magnum, 26 in w/brake, Bolt-Action, Black Aluminum AccuStock Stock, Black Finish, 5 + 1 Rds, DBM

Savage Arms 110 BA LE Rifle 18901, 300 Winchester Magnum, 26 in w/brake, Bolt-Action, Black Aluminum AccuStock Stock, Black Finish, 5 + 1 Rds, DBM
Hinterland Item Number: 28649

Manufacturer Number: 18901

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Our Price: $2,066.11
Condition: New In Box

Availability: Out of Stock

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Product Description

The appearance of Savage's Model 10/110 BA is as radical as the extreme accuracy it delivers. Built on the legendary Model 110 action, the 10/110 BA is the flagship of Savage's Law Enforcement Series. The BA's model design enables the operator to customize it to mission-specific demands with aftermarket accessories. These models are optics ready and have an adjustable, all-aluminum Accustock, a detachable box-style magazine, muzzlebrake, oversize bolt handle, and Savage's user-adjustable Accutrigger.

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Product Specifications

Action : Bolt
Caliber : 300 Winchester Magnum
Barrel Length : 26.0"
Capacity : 5+1
Trigger : Accutrigger
Safety : Three Position
Stock Description : Aluminum Black
Metal Finish : Black
Muzzle : Muzzle Brake
Sights : None (Optic Ready)
Barrel Description : Carbon Steel Heavy Fluted

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Product Reviews

Average Rating: (5 Reviews)

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Submitted By: Scott On 09/03/2015

UPDATE: Have been regularly using this rifle for over a year and several hundred rounds. Consistent, spectacular performance using the same configuration as detailed in my May-2014 initial review. The rifle loves 190gr SMK bullets (loads: Black Hills, Federal Gold Medal, hand loads). Boringly accurate at 100 - 800 yards when paired with a good smartphone ballistic program like "Ballistics AE". At the range yesterday using 30 rounds each of Black Hills and Federal Gold Medal (both in 190gr SMK): First shot hits at every distance to 800 yds, and 0.50 - 0.75 MOA groups at all distances.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

Submitted By: Scott R. On 05/06/2014

Did a lot of research before buying this rifle. The various internet forums had split opinions on the gun, but it seemed like a very good long-range rig for less than $4000-5000. I have been very happy with the purchase. I chose the 300 WinMag over the 338 Lapua because I didn't feel the need to paying for high-priced "government rounds", and 800-1000 yds was good enough for my target needs. The rifle is a heavy beast, and the overall length of nearly 51" requires a specialized hard case (Pelican 1770 is about the only thing that fits). I have it on a Harris 6-9" swivel bipod, which mounted well and does the trick. I shoot right-handed and my son shoots lefty, but both of us found the rifle easy to use. The factory MagPul stock is nothing to write home about, but we found the adjustability to be within reason. The gun is a real head turner on the range and quickly draws a crowd, if that matters to you. I researched scopes waaay too much, and tested several for the 110BA. It came down to Nightforce, Vortex Viper, and Clearidge Ultra XP5 (4.5-22x50mm). They all did well, but I thought that the Clearidge scope was a steal for the price and performance. Check'em out on the Web. We used the Savage-supplied "tacti-cool" rail with minimal bedding and Loc-Tite on the screws. Rings are Burris XTreme Tactical (30mm) medium height torqued as per factory specs and Loc-Tited on the screws. No lapping or truing was required on the rings. I think that some people just don't follow instructions when setting up scopes, which is a major source of discussion on the Web forums. This rifle performs beautifully up to 800 yds (haven't gone further yet) with 0.5 MOA accuracy with the right rounds (see below). The Savage AccuTrigger is crisp and repeatable. Recoil and barrel climb are almost non-existent courtesy of the huge muzzle brake. It's easy to get back on target in seconds after a shot, even at _400 yds and 22x on the scope. Ammunition - After breaking in the barrel and sighting in the scope at 200 yds, I tried several different types of factory loads. The most interesting data was the comparison of the Fiocchi Extrema Hunting SST cartridges (180 gr) vs Hornady Super-Performance (165 gr) cartridges. Both loads use a similar polymer-tipped bullet, which to my eye looked like a Hornady bullet design. The Fiocchi cartridge was noticably a bit longer than the Hornady cartridge due to the bullet on the Fiocchi being seated at the bullet crimp ring versus the bullet on the Hornady being seated flush with the top of brass casing. The rifle did not like the Hornady cartridges. Performance was spotty and hard to hold at even 1 MOA. In contrast, the Fiocchi cartridges produced gorgeous "tack driver" repeatability at 0.25-0.50 MOA. We are planning to try out some heavier SMK bullets with Federal Premium loads as well as custom hand loads. I am of the opinion that too many people on the internet forums do not follow the time-tested advice of "feed the rifle what it likes to shoot". It can be frustrating, but you just need to spend the time to carefully experiment with different cartridges until you find one that yields the performance. When you get it dialed in, this rifle is a Ferrari. A word about Hinterlands: They are the best...period. Pricing, customer service, and delivery from Hinterlands is the industry standard in my opinion. I have bought and FFL'ed multiple firearms from Hinterlands, and the process could not be more professional and hassle-free.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

Submitted By: Michael W. On 11/23/2013

I topped this rifle off with a Leupold Mark4 LRT. The rifle is sighted zero at 200 yards and shooting groups at 200 less than .5 MOA. I'm running 190 Gr. SMK's pushed with RL-22. If you want to make really accurate long range shots then here you go. We shoot one gallon milk jugs filled with water at 600 yards just to watch them explode!!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

Submitted By: Elton H. On 11/14/2012

I've never owned a gun like this in my life. I've always had the traditional bolt-actions to use while hunting. This year, my brother and I took a week+ hunt to Colorado for elk where long-distance was a factor. My son suggested this rifle for me to use. Also, he suggested a Leupold 6.5x20 x 50 scope that cost more than I've ever paid for a gun, scope, case, ammo, and accessories. Also, he said that a bi-pod would be necessary since the gun was too heavy to try and shoot while standing. (He was right - it's the heaviest gun I've ever had.) I'm very impressed with my purchase and this is why. Our first day there, the guides accompanying us on our hunt helped us sight in our rifles to distances I've never shot before - 800-1000 yards. hey were very knowledgeable on all the factors I've never thought about in making shots that long. They also gave us all the instruction on how to adjust the scopes for varying factors while in the field. I learned more the first morning about this rifles capabilities than I had in all my years of hunting. The recoil was significantly less than expected and the gun was very stable to shoot from a bench and while prone. After a few hours of instruction and breathing disciplines, I was hitting the 800-yard marks... but it took more time for me to be patient and slow myself down to hit the longer marks. One of our guides took the rifle and adjusted the trigger down to a lower setting. It made the gun very easy for me to stretch those shots out to the 1000-yard marks and hit consistently. My brother supplied the ammo, so I don't know all of the specifics involved with that. It was humbling and rewarding to be able to make shots like that. Day two - we found a great spot on a hillside where the guide said that the opposite hill would have a high probability of game. He marked off certain locations for me to be able to gauge distances through my scope and commit adjustments. We had great sight-lines and I felt comfortable in making those shots. Hours later, we saw a great 6x elk in a group and the guide gave me the instructions on what to do, since my anxiety went through the roof. He kept reminding me to slow down and breathe like he'd instructed me the previous day. It took a minute, but I got my bearings back. I made my adjustments and took the shot. For the first time in my life, I took an elk at just over 850-yards with a crosswind of around 8-10 miles an hour. It was an amazing feeling to be able to do this, since 48-hours previously, I would have never taken a shot like that. The guide cannot be thanked enough and the rifle is an awesome piece of equipment. If you have any reservations about purchasing this rifle, don't be. It performs amazing right out of the box. I'm 74 years old and have hunted all of my life. And at my age, I am still learning new things about my favorite pastime. This rifle helped me be able to do things I would have never thought possible. It's heavy - don't get me wrong - but, the weight is due to the heavy barrel that definitely aids in making long-shots and defeat some of the kickback from the caliber. There's no doubt that taking the time to learn about the firearm and its capabilities was a benefit, as well as the many years I've spent hunting all sorts of game. I'm sure ammo was a determining factor, too. But, it was a great purchase from the folks at Hinterland Outfitters that allowed me to enjoy one of the best hunts of my life.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

Submitted By: Harold B. On 10/31/2012

I took this rifle to the range for the first time and was amazed at the quality Savage has put into it. It is a heavy rifle to begin with, but I added a little more weight to the front stock - the heavier the gun the less felt recoil. I was even more amazed at the inherent recoil, or lack thereof. It feels somewhat like a 308, not at all unpleasant. The scope on mine is a Nightforce weighing about 24 oz so that too added weight. Again I was delighted to see that Savage uses 8/40 screws for the scope base as opposed to the smaller 6/48. My first shots were only 100 yards, but the groups were excellent, about .25 MOA. I had loaded 30 rounds, 20 with H4832sc and 10 wit RL-22 all with 180 gn SMK. I cleaned the bore every five shots to break in the barrel. With this rifle I'm not sure that was necessary considering the size of the groups. There is not much to dislike about this rifle. As with all guns I manage to find things that I'd improve. Note that I have this rifle in 308 so I wasn't totally unfamiliar with the 300 Win Mag. One thing I would definitely improve is the recoil pad. It may as well be steel - it is nearly as hard, and too narrow. I have seen where some people are replacing it with a wider and softer one. I'd like to see the stock a little more adjustable, that is a vertical adjustment on the butt plate. Be very careful removing the stock. It is easy to strip the rear action screw. Don't ask how I know this. Other than that I have found nothing to dislike. I would recommend it over any other factory rifle (exceptions for the extreme high end rifles) I've seen in this type of gun. Dealing with Hinterland Outfitters was a pleasure as well. They did everything they said they would do.

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars]

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